Nintendo NX Feature Wishlist

Nintendo NX is Nintendo’s new upcoming gaming platform that’s supposed to live along side the Wii U and the 3DS. Today GVN shares their wishlist for features they really want to see in the Nintendo NX.

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naiyo1201d ago

I still would like pointer controls for my shooters. But I know that's just me.

ABizzel11201d ago

*Performance around the XBO
*$249 price point
*Free online / used in more games
*Console / handheld integration
*Make the first party games we've been asking for like Pokemon MMO, Pokemon Snap 2, Mario RPG, Metroid, New IP, etc...

That's how they sell plenty of consoles.

ShadowReaper141201d ago

why would anyone disagree with this comment why would you not want everything this man just said in this comment.If they make a pokemon mom or pokemon rpg for their next gen console and i will buy the system even if it made me broke.

ABizzel11200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )


1. Many of these delusional fans want Nintendo to make a console that's stronger than the PS4, but cost $400 in the process, which would instatnly alienate 2/3 of their biggest markets the child/family gamers and budget gamers.

2. These delusional fans think that Nintendo is going to instantly gain a large following of 3rd party by simply being a more powerful console and fix all their problems, meanwhile the PS4 and XBO will be at nearly 50m / 30m by the time NX launches Holiday 2016 (most likely), have franchises tied to them since PS360 that have missed 2 gens of Nintendo already, and will still dictate 3rd parties thanks to proven sales, a history with the franchises, and significantly more market share.

they're more concerned about max power than price, which makes no sense with Nintendo who's 2nd largest audience (and sometimes 1st) are child gamers and it's much easier to sell a $250 console to a kid's parents than it is to sell a $400 console. And on the flip side it doesn't make sense for Nintendo to make a PS4+ for $400, when they can simply make an XBO for $250.

The performance gains of a $400 aren't worth Nintendo selling at $150 than they need to for their console, $100 more than the PS4 and XBO by 2016 when both of those consoles are in the $299 range, and so far out of their consumers pricing tier.

Business wise the $250 console is the best move and gives them a minimum of 3 years on the market before having to worry about a PS5 and XB4, which I don't see dropping until 2019, hopefully 2020 where tech takes another huge leap up in the mid-tier of GPUs at an affordable $100 - $150 price.

paddy951201d ago

New control system and snes cpu.

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killbillvolume121201d ago

You know what i would love to see. Nintendo offering for there old games like mario kart 64 and the like the ability to play them online. I would love to play mario kart 64 online and the like.

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