Omega Force’s Mysterious New Game Gets New Tease: “In a World of Fear and Despair”

Koei Tecmo has been teasing a new game by prolific development studio Omega Force, and today they published a new key phrase.

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kingdomtriggers1178d ago

Berserk? Wishful thinking...

DragonDDark1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

FF7 remake trailer reference?

KingofGambling1178d ago

There was this game that was in develop for the PS3 called Ni-Oh. And it's the same studio that is teasing this new game.

pedrami911178d ago

You're thinking of Team Ninja.

These teasers are by Omega Force, the makers of Dynasty/One Piece/Samurai/Hyrule/Gundam warriors games.

KingofGambling1178d ago

My bad, I'm looking at the publisher not the develop. My mistake, as long as a new I.P.

masa20091178d ago

It's probably "Dynasty Warriors 279: In A World of Fear and Despair"

blackblades1178d ago

First off that wasn't even funny, second they said it wasn't warriors. FAIL.

Summons751178d ago

Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll 2?.....I can only dream

DragonDDark1178d ago

It could be an attack of titans game.

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