XNA Express will start YouTube for games, says Microsoft's Satchell

Chris Satchell, general manager of Microsoft's game developer group, has revealed the company's ambitions to found a YouTube-style content-sharing community for videogames.

Speaking this morning at a launch event for the XNA Game Studio Express development platform, Satchell said, "Where our vision's really heading is taking that YouTube concept and bringing it into games. Think about a Community Arcade, being able to share your own games with the whole community on Xbox Live."

XNA Express, which launched earlier this week, is a free download which makes it as simple as possible to code games and move them between Windows and Xbox 360. It's entirely free on Windows, while the ability to share games and code with other 360 creators is possible via the XNA Creators' Club subscription service. It's also possible to move games directly from Xbox to Xbox.

But Satchell outlined future plans that would take user-created games into the public realm, stating Microsoft's intention to avoid the mistakes made by the music and film industries in the face of content-sharing sites like MySpace and YouTube.

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