Microsoft and Ubitus Demonstrate World’s First HTML5 Cloud Gaming On Windows 10

With all of the news about Microsoft’s roll out of Windows 10 it might have been easy to miss the fact a big milestone in gaming was achieved today. Partnering with Ubitus, Microsoft demonstrated cloud game streaming to the Edge web browser found in Windows 10 devices at the ChinaJoy 2015 Expo in Shanghai, China.

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OOMagnum1174d ago

Microsoft is doing everything.

XBLSkull1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Wait a sec, doesn't everyone here claim that you can't run games on the cloud?

OOMagnum1174d ago

Everyone knows you could run games on the cloud. It's just not an ideal solution, yet.

BubbsyKong1174d ago

I love your comment!! Imo i dont care if the ps4 is outselling the xbox, xbox is here to stay and with all the stuf thats gunna happen in the next 2 years with xbox and windows 10 i have a feeling they may just close the gap or beat it by the end of this gen! I love sony and microsoft!! Both are amazing but atm xbox is on the enganeering a gaming future side where ps4 is doing the same thing they did last gen but with better graphics. Only time will tell how the power of the cloud will be harnesed but its allreaddy looking amazing!!! I got my windows 10 alreaddy b im lovin party chat with my xbone friends

MRMagoo1231174d ago

game streaming which this is, is completely different to the things people are saying you cant do on cloud.

JasonKCK1174d ago

"doesn't everyone here claim that you can't run games on the cloud?"

Not everyone, just one particular group of people. I'd say that groups name but last time I did that I lost a bubble.

Amazing how Onlive was doing it years ago, and [censored] is able to do it behind a paywall, but to [censored] fans MS are liars and it somehow isn't possible to do.

donthate1174d ago


"game streaming which this is, is completely different to the things people are saying you cant do on cloud."

Which the things people say cannot be done has proven that it works multiple times already. Nvidia has shown how to do light computations in the cloud:

It is called CloudLight. Also shows you what happens with latency and it isn't noticeable.

Cloud power, but without the controller latency we see with streaming technologies.

Moving forward, I think this is the most viable technology.

Dark_king1174d ago

@donthate Thats not the same as calculating physic online and sending it back to be used by the system. Thats basically global illumination.Is it cool? Very.Though no where near the same level of difficulty as physics.Though physics can be done on the cloud its very possible.

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optimus1174d ago

There's a lot of potential in this windows 10, and it's only the 1st build.

Sureshot1174d ago

Edge is so fast and fluid. Best browser I've used. Ever.

FITgamer1174d ago

I'll stick to Fire Fox, especially considering i can't use my extensions.

1174d ago
FITgamer1174d ago

Yes i'm aware of both your points. I tried it out, it is fast, but i'd rather have my extensions. So until then it's Fire Fox.

Neixus1174d ago

Actually, the reason i like Edge is because the really low memory usage.

I'm still using Chrome though, too used to it.

Dark_king1174d ago

AdBlock keeps me on chrome it makes loading sites that much quicker.

bananaboats1174d ago

Microsoft is in another league with all this tech

1174d ago
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