EA Predicts 49 Million PS4/Xbox One Combined by End of 2015; PS4 Forecast Increase "Hugely Positive"

During its quarterly earnings conference, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson shared the company’s outlook on the current generation console, mentioning that they predict a combined installed base of 49 million between PS4 and Xbox One by the end of the calendar year and more.

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Rookie_Monster1202d ago

Glad I have both as both will be Hugely successfull with Amazing games coming.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1202d ago

Probably a break down of 15 million xbones and 34 million PS4's.

EA as well as all third parties have to be loving PS4's numbers.

It's closest competitor... Not so much.

Concertoine1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

I dont get the mentality for the Xbones numbers. Its outpacing the 360 by around 2 million, and that console sold pretty well. The 360 was bolstered by defective units too.

It doesnt have to outselll the ps4 to be a success for MS. We should be glad that both consoles are selling well.

This is coming from someone who owns all but an xbone.

BitbyDeath1202d ago

All 3 are doing well, don't forget Wii U is only 3m or so behind Xbox.

Pogmathoin1202d ago

Bitbydeath, did they release same day? Your point is?

Rocket, your saying PS4 will sell 8.5m and X1 will sell 2m more? Maria?

BitbyDeath1202d ago

@Pog, that didn't stop 360 and PS3 sales comparisons, why do you want to stop it with Xbox and Wii U?

LexHazard791202d ago

Ea doesn't care what console is leading. They care about money!

Kiwi661202d ago

Why do you think that the current 13 million xb1's won't matter to third parties thats still a lot of potential customers but then somehow you think that the xb1 is irrelevant simply because you prefer the ps4

Mr Pumblechook1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

So EA predict the PS4 alone will have sold over 39 million by the end of 2015? I know Sony are selling tons but isn't that a bit optimistic? ;)

Rookie_Monster1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )


Lol, I am sure EA is just as estatic with XB1 as their last major release, Battlefield Hardline, actually sold more on XB1 on NPD for the month of March and the UK sales was pretty much neck and neck, with PS4 at 46% to xb1 at 43%, during its launch week in the UK and that is with the XB1 still with Lower install bases on both territories.

Those are real numbers and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that the XB1 is an important platform for not just EA, but every third party developers as well. Just common sense. Battlefront will be no different as the latest USA pre-order chart from your favorite website, vgchartz, show that both games as of the end of JUN as almost identical pre orders numbers and at the top of the chart, the XB1 COD Black ops 3, another third party game, somehow has a very sizeable lead over the PS4 version of the same game even when the marketing deal had shifted to Sony.

miyamoto1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

"Sony increased their forecast for PS4 shipments this year from 16 million to 16.5 million which means that they expect 38.8 million PlayStation 4's to be sold in worldwide by March 31st 2016."

38.8 million by March 2016


So PS4 might have sold 36 million units by December 31, 2015.

but the x factor here is that the PS4 always top and exceed our expectation every single time figures are released. So the PS4 may sell more.

Angeljuice1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

I'd say a more likely figure is;
PS4: 32-33 million
XOne: 16-17 million

DJustinUNCHAIND1201d ago

You have a serious problem.

1201d ago
ABizzel11201d ago


So you expect XBO to only sell 2m over the holiday and PS4 to sell 9m.

XBO sold over 5m between August and December 31st last year. Now that said it did have a price drop, launched in new tier 2 / 3 regions, and some insane bundles to help with that.

This year they have their biggest exclusives (a full featured Forza, a new Master Chief Halo, Gears Remastered, Tomb Raider, and hopefully BC on the right 360 games) and I'm sure they'll have some amazing bundles as well so I expect them to sell similarly thanks to that.

PS4 sold just under 9m last year in the same time frame, so I agree with your PS4 number. Sony has some decent exclusives coming out, but they're big draw will be 3rd party bundles which have done wonders for sells with each big franchises release (unless they surprise us with PGW / TGS announcements). My guess is we'll see a PS4 price drop this holiday (November) to combat the XBO launch line-up, and prepare 2016 for complete PS domination, and tons and tons of bundles featuring the biggest games of the from 3rd parties and Uncharted Collection.

XBO = 18m - 20m
PS4 = 35m

Total = 53m - 55m (EA's numbers are too safe)

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TheGreatGamer1202d ago

I can see it being between 50-55 million possibly. PS4 and X1 selling strong for the remaining 5 months but I think X1 will sell crazy numbers in November/December like the biggest numbers for the fall time yet which could push overall next gen sales above 50 million

wodan1202d ago

Love how the first part was normal then it turned into rubbish for the rest.

BLow1202d ago

Well taking the fanboy goggles off, I think the X1 will have a record breaking Nov and Dec. Last year it was $329 bundled with 2 games. This year you can bet on it being 279 to 299. I even go out on a limb and say we could even see 250. With prices like that on BF, it will sell like crazy. Hopefully, Sony can respond with some better prices than last year. People will always flock to the cheaper prices on BF. It will be an interesting holiday this year....

mkis0071202d ago

They released the 1tb version which is back up to $399.

LexHazard791202d ago

Why all the disagrees. He saying Xbox might sell more in holiday and should push the projected #s, but what Im sure that the numbers EA is predicting already include the holidays. Not sure how they forcast it, so im just assuming.

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Aenea1202d ago

You know, what I have trouble getting is that both the X1 and the PS4 are selling so well, what I mean is, they are outselling their predecessors, where are all those new console gamers coming from???

Metallox1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

From their predecessors too, PS3 and Xbox 360 sold 170 million units combined. Also, I have to remind you that there are three consoles, and Nintendo's one is the only one that is selling badly, Wii keeps winning 5:1 against Wii U, and probably some of its users went to Sony and Microsoft machines.

And of course, people are genuinely getting interested in these two machines, so the situation isn't that weird.

TFJWM1202d ago

What are you talking about sales for both 360 and PS2 are around 85 million. PS4 is at about 25 and xbox is at around 13. That is a ton of people that still have last gen...

Metallox1202d ago

He's saying both PS4 and XONE are outselling their predecessors in the same time frame, which is true.

Silly Mammo1202d ago

Maybe some are Wii owners who are older and want a more serious console?

BitbyDeath1202d ago

You should ask your parents about birds and bees.

Aenea1202d ago

Yeah, yeah, it's just that both of them combined are selling way faster than previous generations did, I just find that marvellous to see, especially when people want you to believe that every generation of consoles is gonna be the last one...

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uth111202d ago

that would mean selling 12 million combined for the rest of the year. A bit on the conservative side I think

tdogg1202d ago

I think 51 million at the end of the year Xb1 20mil and Ps4 31mil

Angeljuice1201d ago

So you are predicting Xbox to outsell PS4 by 7 million to 6 million, completely going against previous trends?

Chevalier1201d ago

You think Xbox is going to sell 7 million units by Christmas and PS4 is only going to sell 6 million?! That's extremely hard to believe considering Xbone has never outsold PS4 worldwide.

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