Yooka-Laylee Dev Not Willing to Compromise Game for an Easy Deal

Sometimes it's easy to sacrifice a little integrity in order to achieve a goal. Developer Playtonic carefully selected its publishing partner to ensure that all creative control remain with its very experienced team.

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TWB1178d ago

Im seeing a bright future ahead.

Not because of this game (alone) but because it seems that we are getting more new (and better) AAA IPs this gen but are also seeing a huge spike in kickstarted big budget indie titles which alot of are possibly getting a retail release.

I hope that we are seeing more success stories like these in the future.

BubbsyKong1178d ago

I just hope this will be a sucess story, im a little worried now. If you watched their first few videos they were talking about how they wanted the game to be how old games were and how games have changed due to so manny people working on them, they also said that if they were to add onto their team it would be one other team around the same size as theirs amd that they would work on another project and go back and fourth. This is a big backstep on the game imo, and im now happy i dnt kickstart it. I was actually about to too, now ill have to wait and see how it is :/

TWB1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Buts thats still what they are saying in the article. Its not like they joined Team17 and now they have to obey.

Its somewhat weird to begin with that they chose Team17 as their production/distribution company but then again, it could be hinting that they were one of the few companies that were fine with Playtonics conditions.

Deep Silver is going to distribute Mighty No.9 to the retail and thats probably part of the reason why Comcept (or what the dev team was called) had to introduce some preorder bonus to the game (since I have heard some rumors that they want to have preorder incentives for their games, not evil but you get the point...)

The only thing this deal does is give them wider distribution chance (physical retail!), larger Q&A testing and possibly some ad support.

MeteorPanda1171d ago

wait yooka laylee got both an amazing kickstarter AND a publisher..holy hell, talk about double dipping XD

game better be more than a banjo reboot