News: Disgaea 5 Launch Day Edition announced

Alongside other news, NIS America have shared the news that a Launch Day Edition will be available for their upcoming strategy RPG, Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.

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mockzer01178d ago

This is the first time I've wanted to be European :(

LoveSpuds1177d ago

I have never played one of these titles but havd always been curious about them. I love turn based games and really like the artstyle of these games but they have always seen very daunting to jump into.

Maybe this is the one I will try?

LAWSON721177d ago

If you got a PS3 there is a disgaea collection coming out with 3 games for $40

LoveSpuds1177d ago

Sounds like a whole lot of game for the money, aren't they each a big time investment?

Do they have a story running throughout the series, if so perhaps playing them on my PS3 is a good idea.

LAWSON721176d ago

I have no idea about the story, I personally am getting the collection to play the series. The price runs a bit higher for all of them. Also if you want to try another turn based jrpg check out Valkyria Chronicles it is epic

LoveSpuds1176d ago

Yeah, Valkyria Chronicles is in my top 10 PS3 games, just an incredible game, I was always bummed out that the sequels were only on PSP and never made it to home console.

LAWSON721176d ago

You and me both, but what can you expect from Sega lol.