Throwback Thursday: Arcades - The Golden Age Of Video Games

DS writes: In an age of Playstation 4s and Xbox Ones its sometimes hard to forget about the pocket full of 10 pence pieces, candy floss joysticks and video shops. Its safe to say that the arcade scene just isn't what it was anymore. In comparison to the days I remember, the arcade scene no longer exists. It's not just the dedicated arcade areas either, gone are the table top Space Invader machines you could often find in pubs. I don't even recall visiting a pizza shop over the past few that hasn't proudly sported Street Fighter II and I definitely can't remember the last time I was at a fairground that had even a half acceptable group of coin-op machines together for some frantic joystick wiggling entertainment.

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Retroman1264d ago

Good ol days of gaming......... blame ps2 for foreclosure of Arcade centers.

Rebel_Scum1264d ago

Nah the generation after the PS2 killed it with better online capability.

Not to mention the fact that Arcade prices went up heaps. I remember we use to have arcades where each game cost 20c. Then as time went by, 40c, then $1, then $2 became standard.

Now arcades are filled with shitty rhythm dance games, maybe house of the dead, Daytona with 2 cars only (like whats the point? Should be at least 4) and lame fishing games or big buck.

Retroman1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Good Lord you must be in your early 60's to remember arcade games 20 cent. i myself 57 started arcade gaming when it was 50 cent up to 1.50 by that time ps2 was introduced . far as im concern arcade gaming was a dying breed back in 1999 -2000 "Home gaming " took over.

chrisx1264d ago

Good times. Nostalgia at its finest

Kyosuke_Sanada1263d ago

When fighting games didn't end due to lag or disconnects. I made tons of friends and rivals back in those days...