Sony Denies New PS3 Delay In Europe

Officials from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) have moved to quash rumors spreading across the Internet that the launch of the PlayStation 3 in Europe is to be delayed beyond March 2007.

Rumors apparently stemming from UK consumer website CVG, citing unnamed sources close to the company, had suggested that the launch could be delayed until April or even to as far back as September.

In fact, speculation on the launch, which has never been given a specific release date, has been rife since comments from Sony's Phil Harrison appeared to put a March launch in question.

When asked if the PlayStation 3 would definitely be out in March, he answered, "Given that all of our previous statements about launching in Europe simultaneously with the US and Japan turned out not to be the case, I would not like to make any definitive statements on that."

CVG, though, quotes a SCEE spokesperson as saying that "We're 100 percent on track for a March release." This statement is unlikely to quell the rampant speculation though, especially following the revelation that the North American launch received significantly less stock than was expected, which would undoubtedly make any subsequent launch in Europe more difficult.

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Monchichi0254329d ago

We MUST believe Sony because we all know they ALWAYS SAY THE TRUTH!!!! LOL
This company has said so much BS that people now know that if they say it; it's def. not true! They have come out and given strong statements like this for all there screw-ups; for us to later find out that the rumor was 100% true.
This is just them trying to keep those poor PS3 fans holding off a little longer from buying a 360.

Capt CHAOS4329d ago

But they'll just have like 1000 consoles just so they can claim that all of the consoles sold and that they did actually launch on date..

MicroGamer4329d ago

If Europeans knew it would be another 10 months before they were able to buy a PS3, they would abandon Sony in a heartbeat. This is an attempt at damage control, nothing more.

xfrgtr4329d ago

Sony's chronic supply problems for the PlayStation 3 should be coming to an end, according to a statement provided to today by the console maker. While the company admits that it fell short of the 400,000 units promised for the mid-November launch, as reported previously in NPD research, Sony communications head David Karraker said on Tuesday that the "problems have been resolved" and that the company should still meet its earlier oal of one million PS3 systems shipped by the end of 2006. The company plans to ship consoles by air to compensate for lost time.

blackmagic4329d ago

Wasn't the original promise 2M @launch, 6M by end of year? 200k/1M seems pretty far off from that to me even though they said they were 100% on track for that as well...

Monchichi0254329d ago

Do you even listen to yourself?!? Your going off of whar Sony says and you still believe them!! LOL Of course there gonna say they have resolved there production problems! LOL You sad, sad Fanboy!

richie007bond4329d ago

If this rumour turns out to be true the SONYS WELL AND TRUELY [email protected] in the UK and europe,they can kiss the next gen goodbye.

JasonXE4329d ago

Should Europe except
a) 5-10,000
b) 15-30,000
c) delayed

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The story is too old to be commented.