Star Wars Battlefront gets Team Deathmatch mode, called “Blast”

Star Wars Battlefront gets a 10v10 Team Deathmatch mode called "Blast".

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Erik73571177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Ughhh....what about conquest and taking bases like the original battlefront?

Not a fckin glorified rush game mode from bf3 like at e3 or a generic TDM called BLAST.....cmon am I the only one seeing this as stupid?

Big_Game_Hunters1177d ago

You don'thave to play this mode

Erik73571177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Fairpoint...but I have the right to call out how stupid this game mode is and the hype that went behind revealing it....

AstroCyborg1177d ago

yet it'll have the highest player count where the other modes will start to slowly die off

SilentNegotiator1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

I'm starting to see a disgusting pattern of devs/pubs releasing sequels missing staple features and telling us that it's better that way. I guess they think that we're pretty stupid.

-Foxtrot1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

The worst part is when it's so obvious what they are doing and you get fans that have their nostalgia/fanboy glasses glued onto them telling people how everything is fine and it looks like the old ones

Why let EA ruin another franchise.

It's obvious where this is going

WellyUK1176d ago

Once again it's not a SEQUEL... It's a reboot. Just like Tomb Raider wasn't really like the older games, it was still a great game and you haven't even played the game yet. TBH if the game doesn't have too much cheap shit to kill me with then the game will be good.

HaMM4R1177d ago

Maybe they're just waiting to reveal it at some other time, maybe gamescom seeing as its probably the biggest gametype of all of the ones to be announced. Lets face it, it having been in battlefront 1/2 and Dice developing battlefield, you know that game that is pretty much completely focused around that exact gamemode I find it very unlikely that the game won't see that mode.

Der_Kommandant1177d ago

It's gonna be a blast to play.

Ba dum tsss

TeamLeaptrade1177d ago

Nice, now lets see how many more multiplayer modes they reveal. I hope they bring out a few more.

soul-assassin-1177d ago

this is one title i wont be picking up on launch this holiday. As big of a fan of star wars i am, i dont trust EA /Dice to deliver the experience everyone is anticipating from the go. Maybe after xmas buy for me (bf4 launch has made me salty)

spacedelete1177d ago

with Fallout 4 releasing this year a boycott to COD and Star Wars won't be too difficult. usually i stupidly buy COD games because most games avoid their release date so they don't compete with COD but companies don't realize they are helping COD sell more.

RiseofScorpio1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Its a bad idea to pre order this game, given DICE's history. I'm sure EA pressured them to have it out before Star Wars Movie in December, hence the missing campaign and features/content from the originals.

WellyUK1176d ago

1 bad game? and you immediately say no? 90% of the time it's server issues which tends to be EA's fault rather than DICE.

The game does not need a SP campaign as if its anything like BF's singleplayer then it's 100% a waste of time and resources to do and 99% of people who buy the game will buy it for the MP and not even play the SP just like BF...

AstroCyborg1177d ago

great more casual garbage from ea

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The story is too old to be commented.