Saving Gaming History Through Piracy

Who would’ve thought that the unlawful copying and downloading of classic video games would be the best way to save them from obscurity?

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Nonscpo1178d ago

There needs to be a way to preserve old games :(

TeamLeaptrade1178d ago

I would love to see some sort of company come forward, buy the rights if possible and re-release all of these games in one set possibly. I doubt that's possible, and I'm sure I'm dreaming too much, but I would love for something like this to happen.

What I think should happen, is the developers who made these games (The ones who're still living) should try to do something with these games. Maybe make a compilation of their created games and re-release them. Otherwise piracy may be the only way to save these games.

optimus1178d ago

I think "saving gaming history" is a little far fetched. Emulated games are more of a novelty that only people that grew up in that era would appreciate. Kids today rarely know about those games, much less the inclination to emulate them on an old console or pc. That's not to say they wouldn't appreciate it if given the opportunity but since emulation isn't really advertised, there lies the rub.