Fallout 4 devs say settlement construction feels like Minecraft

One of the features coming to Fallout 4 that Bethesda discussed as they surprised gamers this past June by announcing that the next entry of the apocalyptic franchise will be coming to current-gen platforms later this year is that players will be able to build their own settlements within the game. During the press event, the developer released footage of the game showing how users will be able to place objects within the world to build their own towns.

The team behind Fallout 4 has a lot of confidence in the creation tools that will be at the player’s disposal in the game. The developer went as far as to say that the settlement portion of the game will give gamers the same kind of freedom in creation as Minecraft.

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Rachel_Alucard1203d ago

Comparing premade buildings and objects to a voxel based game with block modeling is like comparing CoD multiplayer to FF7

curtis921203d ago

think you're reading that a little too literally.

Randostar1203d ago

If you have played Minecraft, and saw how the crafting system in Fallout 4 works. I think you would agree.

KwietStorm1203d ago

Making extreme counter anaologies just because you don't comprehend or want to read into what is actually being said, doesn't usually work too well.

Rachel_Alucard1203d ago

Cod Multiplayer takes general ideas from RPGs in its stat allocation, builds, and leveling up. Most of the media wouldn't compare it with FF7 and the comparison is extreme but I think the author making taking a statement like "It’s somewhat akin to games like Minecraft – if you give people the tools to express their creativity, they will …make stuff you never contemplated in a million years." and the author writing it out as "It will give players the same freedom as minecraft" is flat out wrong

TheCommentator1203d ago

Seems way more like Far Cry's map editor, which is awesome! Being that it is an RPG, it reminds me of Dark Cloud though.

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Sketchy_Galore1203d ago

my only concern about this is Fallout being a purely single player game. Don't get me wrong, I don't want multiplayer in Fallout and I am the kind of person that spends hours creating my character before playing, getting their look just right (even going as far as wearing appropriate looking attire for my current environment in game, despite armour rating or skill boosts) I love shaping my experience to make it as immersive as possible but I just feel like base building is a little less of an immersion type thing for a single player game and more of a 'hey everybody, look what I built!' show off type thing, meant for a game that lets other people walk around and interact with your creation.

Of course people will take videos and screenshots of their creations and upload them to YouTube and reddit etc, I still can't help but feel like it's not quite enough incentive to spend hours upon hours building an intricate, sprawling base, knowing you're the only one who's really gonna get to walk around it. It's a bit like if Littlebigplanet let you create levels but not upload them, I know this mode is optional too so it's not really a concern about the overall game, just about how keen most people will be to fully explore this side of the game. Maybe if there was some bottle cap currency based market for user made content or something, something that unlocks very late in the game.

KwietStorm1203d ago

It sounds like you want the construction to have some type of meaning or 'payout.' Is that fair? If that's the case, I think the benefit is in itself. You're in the middle of nowhere in any given Fallout, but rvjs allows to sort of rebuild the world, if not in small chunks. I think that's motivation enough. Like you said, its optional, but with caravans and raiders passing through your settlements, I'm sure new gameplay elements open up just by default.

Trogdor1203d ago

Wait. I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're complaining about.

Is it that you don't think building your own town out of crap you find is immersive, i.e. canonical? Because Fallout 3 had tons of those. Many settlements in the Capital Wasteland were made up of makeshift shacks and walls. See: Megaton, Girdershade, The Republic of Dave, Arefu.
Furthermore, why wouldn't it be immersive? Obtaining a safe place to rest and store your stuff is probably one of the most immersive things you could hope to do in an apocalyptic setting.

Or, is it that you just don't think there will be anything to do? They've already shown us that our bases will be functional parts of the game world, above and beyond what we've had in previous Bethesda titles. Not only will your home be a place where you can sleep, craft, and store your stuff, but they will attract npcs like raider attacks, merchants, and even brahmin caravans.

But even if they didn't, people fucking love player housing. It's just fun to have a part of the game that's yours, that you can decorate how you like. There is intrinsic value there, it doesn't matter whether or not you can share it with others.

TeamLeaptrade1203d ago

That's really cool. I'm excited to see how much freedom I will have making my own little towns/settlements.

Summons751203d ago

Except, naturally way better

sullynathan1203d ago

well, you wouldn't know until you've actually played it.

Summons751203d ago

well it's Fallout so that gives it pretty high chances of being amazing and even on the off chance it's not......literally anything is better than minecraft, so it wouldn't be that hard to best it.

Trogdor1203d ago

I'd be really interested to learn more about this feature. Not so much about the depth of construction - I think I got the gist of that.

What I really want to know is, what kind of town can you build? Like, if I want to be a slaver, can I turn my town into a player-run recreation of Paradise Falls, store people in cages and sell npcs to other npcs? Will other slavers then inhabit my town, bringing in more slaves, running down escapees, that kind of thing?

What if I want to be a raider, and build my own raider camp? Can I recruit raiders and form my own gang, then go out with them and attack caravans and stuff?

What if I built a normal town, but snap one day and murder a bunch of my own citizens? Will they respawn? Will I get new people? Will I get a reputation and people will refuse to move in for a while?

What happens when raiders attack? What are they going to try to do? Are they going to try and take your stuff? It would seem trivial to build a town where you can just shut all the doors, the walls are thirty feet high all around, and the npcs can't find a way in. Now what? I looked back at imagery from the E3 conference and I can't find any indication that your built structures have durability, so it doesn't seem likely that they're going to be able to actually damage or destroy your town.