Swords and Horses Invade Kingdom Come: Deliverance Alpha

Greg Micek writes: "Backers of the game have been able to experience life in the unforgiving middle ages for some time now thanks to the Tech Alpha, but that experience has been a little light. The relatively small map doesn’t give a good understanding of the size the developers are shooting for, and the lack of real combat as meant that the Alpha has resembled a walking and talking simulator more than anything else. All that changes today."

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garyanderson1201d ago

This is exciting. I think the Alpha might finally be worth checking out now.

GregMicek1201d ago

Not much of a game yet, mostly walking around. Although the alpha update adds some cool stuff. Think of it like "super early access" hehe

Bolts1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

I'm skeptical that they can pull this game off by next year without releasing it in a bug ridden state. Hell if the combat system isn't in by now then they have a lot of work ahead of them.