The 4 Biggest Changes We Want In Mafia III

2010’s Mafia II is one of the generations most underrated titles, and perhaps the closest video games have ever come to reliving the glory days of Coppola, De Palma and Scorsese. Mafia II was a strong entry to the series with a genuinely fascinating story and some stunning tommy-gun-wielding homages, so with 2K's recent announcement of Mafia III's glorious existence, we count down the top things we (Lumilounge) want to see from Mafia III

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crazychris41241202d ago

-Proper free roam with a living, breathing world
- Cops that arent borderline retarded like GTA 4 or Mafia 2 but also are not special forces like in GTA 5, need to hit that nice middle ground
-Side missions like extortion, assassinations, etc. Maybe if you are high enough in the organization you can start building an empire, have to manage, fight off attackers
-More weapons, vehicles, safe homes, customization
-Better destruction, it was pretty good in Mafia 2 but lets push the envelope