Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition discounted on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition has been discounted by 28 percent to as low as $21.49 on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1177d ago

Get on my level I bought the PS3 version and PS4 version for $60 each plus the PC version for $5.

Stringerbell1177d ago

Yeah I picked this up on the steam summer sale for 7 bucks.

TRASHBOAT___1177d ago

Why does this games exists ? I loved Sleeping dogs on the PS3 but this game didn't need to be "remastered" .
Remaster COD 4 , GoW 2 and 1 but not Sleeping Dogs

spacedelete1177d ago

pointless remasters like Sleeping Dogs and Prototype are the type of games that should be free on PS Plus to compensate for no backwards compatibility.

TRASHBOAT___1177d ago

agree man , we shouldn't pay for things we already own

Arishock11177d ago

PS Plus is an awesome deal as it is. Sony isn't required to make every game available for free. They aren't required to have backwards compatibility on every console either.
Freaking spoiled entitled gamers, I swear...

nowitzki20041177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Some people missed it because of gen switch... Might not be good for you but a lot of people still loved it. Just dont buy it, thats what I did. You are not forced to.

TRASHBOAT___1177d ago

I know Dirk . But the thing is that these consoles should have backwards comparability , if they remastered a ps2 game I wouldn't have a problem .
Let me give you an example , 2012 I got into metal gear because I bought the HD collection and mgs 4 and I absolutely loved those games !
The point I'm trying to make is don't just put the same game with shiny graphics and called a day , make a collection like Halo Masterchief or the Uncharted collection that is coming out .
You're right I don't have to buy it but wouldn't be cool if we got Sleeping Dogs 2 instead of sleeping dogs remastered ?

spacedelete1177d ago

well it was your own fault for missing out considering how long last gen lasted. stupid logic that because i won't buy it i'm not allowed to complain ? whats next ? Haze or Duke Nukem Forever remastered ? if we don't complain they companies will think we are okay with the same rehashes over and over. whether you missed last gen games is your own problem. buy a last gen console and leave us current gen owners with current gen games.

nowitzki20041177d ago


If people dont buy they stop making remasters.... Obviously there is money to be made.

Stupid logic is saying that they shouldnt make games people will buy.

DragoonsScaleLegends1177d ago

The Definitive Edition has a bug in the DLC that never got patched which makes it 10 times harder to find all the items. It's supposed to show up items on the map after you beat the DLC story but on the Definitive Edition they don't show up so getting the trophy for it is harder but not impossible with maps you can find online.

skydragoonityx1177d ago

Don't like it don't buy it. Move along

TeamLeaptrade1177d ago

If you never played it on PS3/360, this is probably the route you should take. Great game!

LoveSpuds1177d ago

I played this on PC when it first came out and remember it being fantastic fun. I particularly remember its rendition of HongKong feeling really authentic and so, very different to the usual game settings.

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