Despite the complaining, Nintendo have done well

From Native Monster:

"Nintendo has announced that the Wii U has sold more than 10 million units. Is it me, or is that actually pretty good?

"Clearly this isn't even in the same ballpark as the Wii was, but it's not a million miles behind the Xbox One. In fact it's barely even a million units behind the Xbox One."

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Big_Game_Hunters1271d ago

opinions are debatable, thanks captain obvious.

KwietStorm1271d ago

That's the whole point of a discussion, isn't it?

suckingeggs1271d ago


If Its obvious and you understood... Why Did I hurt your feelings?

Big_Game_Hunters1271d ago

@ Kwiet. the whole point of a discussion was to actually discuss. not to simply state that you can discuss and nothing else, which is what he did.

wow look at that reply,Neither comprehending my comment nor coming up with a half intelligent response, like some 6th grader.
Don't bother responding, i just ignored you as you clearly have nothing and will never have anything of value to say.

herbs1271d ago

Lol all the typical negativity directed at Nintendo from teens who think success is a popularity contest because they are all still in high school. The end result for corporations is profit and Nintendo as usual is doing more with less. Nintendo is a far more focused company compared to its rivals and they are able to profit at much higher margins in comparison. Is the Wii U a huge success? Not even close, is it still making Nintendo a ton of money? With its high attach rate of Nintendo software and amiibos the answer is a responding Yes. As much as this bothers the fanboys that is the reality.

Shnazzyone1271d ago

Serious. I don't know a single person over age 25 who gives a fuck about the console wars or wishes failure on nintendo systems. the console war has always been a game for immature individuals. Be happy with the system you own, if you feel anger towards another console you should take a moment and assess why that is. Most of it is likely jealousy for what you're missing out on by not having that system. Grow up, realise you might get it eventually and you'll like it then. No reason to wish failure of an amazing company like nintendo just so you have a remote chance of playing those games on your system of choice.

spacedelete1271d ago

Wii U has sold 12 million less than the Gamecube. its not even debatable how bad its done. i still don't get how its gained some love from fanboys as its an awful console.

deafdani1271d ago

Because it has awesome games. If you stopped fixating on sales so much and looked at what actually matters, you'd see why the majority of people that actually own a Wii U, love it.

Nevers0ft1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Maybe because of the excellent (albeit limited) software line-up? Not everybody lets their hardware insecurities get in the way of good games.

Yes the console is flawed and Nintendo completely stuffed the marketing... That doesn't stop the software line-up from being absolutely stellar though. Even if you don't like Nintendo games yourself you can't argue with the statistics, just check Metacritic, Nintendo fairly consistently hits it out of the park when it comes to games.

GordonKnight1271d ago


I have the PS4, X1, & Wii U and the console that I play the most is the Wii U.

PockyKing1272d ago

The Wii U was out a year before both the PS4 and Xbox One and by now it has only sold 10 million units. That's not very good when compared with the Wii. You're supposed to increase your sales of a new console, not the other way around. Just look at what the PS4 and Xbox One did after their counterparts.

Plus, software sales are abysmal for almost every third-party game ever released on the Wii U. The system was a failure, and continues to be. Aside from some of the great titles released over the past year, it's still not doing well at all.

marloc_x1271d ago

Kudos to Nintendo for approaching Playstation profits with little 3rd party support, less than half the install base and no subscription revenue 👍

wonderfulmonkeyman1271d ago

"software sales are abysmal for almost every third-party game ever released on the Wii U."

Way to ignore the difference in the quality of third party support during that first year.
It's because of those good third party games that both the PS4 and XBone got high acclaim during year one.
The Wii U got a flood of old ports with missing content, and very little else worth noting, from AAA third parties.

When third parties screw the system over by not making the games attractive/high-quality enough to convince even the most die-hard third party lovers to get the system for them, then of course the sales of those games will suffer.

Meanwhile, the games that do happen to succeed on the system, such as Bayonetta 2, do so despite the low install base and hateful campaigns against them.

Troll harder.

PockyKing1271d ago

How exactly was I trolling? You pretty much just added more credence to what I already said regarding third party software selling horribly on the console.

And I specifically said there were some great titles released on the console over the past year that have helped.

Should probably stop using the word "troll", because you obviously don't know when you should be using it.

Here's an example.

The Wii U has no good games, including Bayonetta 2 which was trash just because it didn't release on the real next-gen consoles. /s

JacketsNest1011271d ago

While I agree with what you said, the "troll harder" bit was unnecessary.

Movieworld1270d ago

Please explain how Bayonetta 2 'succeeded'. Even the 3rd party games that were not low quality old ports flopped. Like COD Ghosts for example.

wonderfulmonkeyman1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

@ Movieworld

You're kidding, right?
Go look at the difference in available content for the Wii U version of Ghosts compared to all other versions.
Then check which patches and updates it is missing, including the nonexistence of any sort of season pass content.
Then look at the absolute lack of support in advertisement from the developers for the Wii U version.
Then try telling me it's the same quality as the others with a straight face.

It's a bad port by design. It stood no chance of getting even half the sales of other versions when it didn't even offer all the DLC as an option.
And the power of the system is no excuse, because the PS3, a weaker system, was capable of handling all the same content.

As for Bay 2, it has over 600k on an install base that isn't even half of the PS3 or 360 from back when Bay 1 first released.
And it got to that point on one system, with campaigns from "fans of the series" actively boycotting against it due entirely to the system it released on.
No matter how you spin it, that's a success against bad odds.

@ Pocky

"The system was a failure, and continues to be"
You're judging it a failure based entirely upon units sold without taking software, profits, or circumstances with third parties or indies into account.

How is calling it a failure without looking at the bigger picture NOT considered trolling?

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2pacalypsenow1272d ago

The Gamecube was better than the wii u imo

Metallox1271d ago

You just don't beat the GameCube easily, not even some PlayStation systems can.

FallenAngel19841272d ago

You call Wii U being the worst selling console is doing well? How low are your standards? Not only are the hardware sales low, but these are also the lowest total software sales a Nintendo has ever had for a console.

Xbox One sold 13 million in 1.5 years, Wii U would be lucky to reach that in 3 years

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1271d ago

uh no.
Mario Kart 8 is the 3rd highest attachment rate game in history.

KwietStorm1271d ago

So you cherry picked a standout. Mario Kart 8 doesn't represent Nintendo's whole position.

spacedelete1271d ago

when the Wii U's library is as awful and sparse as it is its no wonder all the starving Wii U owners all buy that game. theres not much else to choose on that pos console.

PhoenixUp1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

@ Otaku

That's no big accomplishment. Consoles with low install bases have a greater chance of having a higher attach rate. Its simple mathematics really. That's why PS2 which is the highest console with the highest selling software has a lower attach rate than Xbox.

Also attach rate =/= total software sold.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

please do continue.

Mario Kart 8 is over 5m which is half the amount of Wii U install base. You can deny it all you want.

PhoenixUp1270d ago

I really don't see what point you're making. Just because one game does well doesn't mean that the entire software sales are doing well. Its how much the entire Wii U library sells as a whole. These are still the lowest total software sales that Nintendo has ever seen for a console.

PhoenixUp1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Double post

KindaGrump1272d ago

The Wii U has only sold 10 million units. Stop saying it's doing well. The PS4 and Xbox One are beating it and they have been on the market a shorter amount of time.

Talk about IP's, toys to life, or anything you can scramble up, numbers don't lie. The Wii U is a financial failure when compared to its contemporaries.

marloc_x1271d ago

If you put their margins side by side though..

gamingpro1271d ago

Maybe considered a failure to stupid fanboys financially but when it comes to actual gaming (do you know what that is?) Then Wii U wins hands down.

Wii U has the best quality, highest rated games.
The other 2 consoles are meh when it comes to ACTUAL GAMING which is why the casuals have all bought ps4's and real gamers have bought Wii U.

Casuals will always outnumber real hardcore gamers, the ps4 is this gens Wii. Sells a lot but doesn't offer much gaming wise.

Movieworld1270d ago

Doesnt offer much gaming wise?! 😳

TLOU remastered, GTA5, FIFA 15, COD, mortal kombat x ultra streetfighter 4, project cars, driveclub, UFC, bloodborne, batman arkham knight, The far cry 4, nba 2k15, tomb raider definitive edition, final fantasy 14, alien isolation and many more. Bitch puhlease.

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