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TwoForce1265d ago

Yup, I know it. ZombiU didn't saved Wii U. That's why it need boost the sales.

Kingdomcome2471265d ago

It was a Wii U launch title. It was never expected to save the Wii U, as the Wii U didn't need saving at that point.

spacedelete1265d ago

that seems awfully short notice. i expect an awful port.

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Crazyglues1265d ago

you took the words right out my mouth...

They really needed to not just port it but make it better, but I guess since the game was not profitable, that is not going to happen...

This will just be a port... I'll keep my fingers cross and hope they at least did the port well..

subtenko1264d ago

I have a feeling they could possibly not profit from this, if most people are like me and dont care about the title....

Next time just think about multiplat or port earlier...

bradleejones1264d ago

There were rumors of this a long time ago so not necessarily a rushed port. If you haven't played it, its pretty good. My wonder is that it was designed with the wiiu pad in mind... How can they eliminate it... Will it still have that same feeling without it?

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ironcrow23861265d ago

that's what the world needs another zombie slasher (although not entirely new but still) on the other hand does look very pretty and so long as its no more than £20 im happy :)

deadpoolio3161265d ago

Well you already know there is NO chance in hell it will be 20 anything....It will probably be 60 considering they are still trying to make some money on it, best case scenario it will be 40

ironcrow23861265d ago

well resident evil hd only cost 15 ( or 35 as im assuming your in the states) so ya never know, it zombiu might be a bargain

cfc781265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Forza 6 £49.99
Fifa 16 £54.99
Halo 5 £44.99
Cod BO3 £54.99
Fallout 4 £54.99 and so on.

Now who in their right mind would pay £60.00 for Zombi?

I think 40 max (personally i'd like £30.00) if they want to sell any copys.

itBourne1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Lol, he was talking in dollars, not pounds. Im guessing.

Erik73571265d ago

Now that Zombie game fad is kinda over I want a dinosaur game now....a real one....not robot dinosaurs like Horizon Zero Dawn

ZeroRaven1265d ago

If you have a PC ARK: Survival Evolved might be your game, or you can wait for it to release on PS4 and Xbox One later.

andibandit1264d ago

Sounds booring too....but a ZOMBIE DINOSAUR would be something totally fresh...

PC_601265d ago

Dem console prices for games are expensive lol

pivotplease1264d ago

Something something about discouraging piracy by not gouging PC gamers as well. I'm not sure if this is true but what else could it be?

SilentNegotiator1265d ago

"Another"? This is a port of a game from like, 3 years ago.

RedSoakedSponge1264d ago

you think this looks pretty? its last gen level graphics if you ask me.

pivotplease1264d ago

Honestly the Wii U has great looking games but this isn't one of them. Mario Kart, Wind Waker HD, and Super Mario 3D World really show how Nintendo has mastered a cartoonish art direction to the point where everything looks flawless and pixels/jaggies are basically impossible to find.

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SaveFerris1265d ago

The game is based in London, but I see a lack of diversity in the ethnicity of the zombies.

Erik73571265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )


SaveFerris1265d ago

And how is my question racist? Please explain.

ironcrow23861265d ago

I agree totally but seeing as though im up north im allowed to bad mouth cockneys (nay all southerners) :)

NeckBeardBSMTDweller1264d ago

Assuming you are saying the game is RACIST not SaveFerris