Dragon Quest XI PS4 Battle Screenshot Featured in Jump

The latest issue of Weekly Jump features coverage of the newly announced Dragon Quest XI, showcasing a battle scene in the PS4 version for the first time.

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Relientk771174d ago

Omg it looks turn-based. Yes, finally

Sly-Lupin1174d ago

...Because there are so many real-time Dragon Quest games?

1173d ago
Sly-Lupin1173d ago

Confirmed: 4 out of 5 N4G users have no understanding of simple sarcasm.

Becuzisaid1174d ago

I've never had the opportunity to play a Dragon Quest game. DQ8 is the only game I really know about that came out west. Hoping this comes over from Japan so I can try it out.

diehllane1174d ago

They were called Dragon Warrior in the west before that.
1-4 were on the NES and 7 came to the west on Playstation.

Becuzisaid1174d ago

Yeah I do remember that. I think I might have played a little of one of the NES games on an emulator once, but that's it.

Cryptcuzz1174d ago

That looks awesome. I like how it doesn't appear to transition to a generic battle arena to fight on. Maybe it's combat is more akin to Chrono Trigger? Where it is still turn-based, but battle takes place on where ever you encounter the enemy.

The 3DS version looks cool as well. I just might have to get both versions when it comes out.

Xavior_Reigns1174d ago

Looks great, yes I'm far behind so this will be my first DQ game.

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