Games like Rocket League validate Sony's PS Plus line-ups

GameZone: "PlayStation Plus was the most important innovation to come out of the seventh generation of consoles, and it's now more powerful than ever. Lately though, PS Plus has caught a lot of flak for the games it has been offering since the PS4's release."

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spacedelete1179d ago

as long as the game is good like Rocket League i'm happy but enough with the garbage like Mousecraft and Doki Doki Universe. August line up is the best its been for months which isn't saying much. still i'm not plannong on buying any game until Fallout 4 so if there are enough good free games until Fallout 4 i'm happy but when i get Fallout 4 i doubt i'll resubscribe as i don't care about multiplayer anymore and the free games aren't worth keeping the sub for.

TwoForce1179d ago

Dude, you always get angry. But it's not everything to please you.

nowitzki20041179d ago

Those bubs.. Going down down down

sephiroth4201179d ago

a bit of a spoilt statement, no need to be like that about it, you do have to pay for online services and you get free games with that, if the games are shit dont download them simple, games you might not like might be games other people love and also it's sometimes to help little games get some big coverage and alot of people to play.

nowitzki20041179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

@TwoForce above

I have noticed that too... He seems to think Fallout 4 is the second coming, wonder how mad he will be when its glitchy and buggy like Fallout 3.

FarEastOrient1179d ago

Agreed the Bethesda day one bugs, a pain and a charm for gifs.

DualWielding1177d ago

If ps+ was not mandatory for online play nobody would be subscribing... the reason people subscribed on PS3 was because of AAA... do you remember ps+ before they started offering AAA games? when they only offered minis? nobody does because nobody subscribed back then