Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Talks Xbox at ChinaJoy, Chinese Studios Interested in Releasing Worldwide

ChinaJoy in Shanghai is in full swing, and yesterday we got to see a glimpse from Sony’s side, while today we get another from Microsoft, thanks to Xbox division head Phil Spencer.

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StrayaKNT1201d ago

Wow looks like the Chinese are also interested in halo. Who would be :) to

donthate1200d ago

The Chinese are more open to US products. Heck, the Japanese might have a problem over there to some degree.

Japanese car don't sell as well over there as Americans. The Japanese occupation left a sour taste that even some of the next generation still harbors dislike.

What I'm hoping for are more Chinese period games with Chinese generals and their armies going to war. An RTS with Sun Tzu inspired strategies and etc would be just awesome!

Make it happen!!! :D

1201d ago
thecowsaysmoo1200d ago

China belongs to the Xbox. Sorry Japan, but you goofed up.

MasterCornholio1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

All Microsoft did was walk on stage announce the MCC and walked right off.

Sony on the other hand announced a ton of games for the PS4 there including titles like Firefall and Final Fantasy 14.


Just some interesting pictures.

Microsoft Announcing the MCC :

Sony showing off lineup:

I fail to see how "Japan goofed up".

Especially since they are the ones making the most effort in China.

morganfell1200d ago

China belongs to Sony. Sorry thecowsaysmoos, but you goofed up:

Just one example. For those that do not understand, that is 1 month of Vita/PS4 sales and 8 months of Xbox One sales. Sony's lineup at ChinaJoy dwarfs the competition. You apparently are unaware of the Sony's moves for Japan that date back years. Chief among these are the numerous titles in development specifically for China as well as the games Sony already has on tap translated into Madarin. MS are going to have the same luck in China they had in Japan.

marloc_x1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

With 1.3 billion mobile users, it may not be Sony nor MS that corner gaming in China ;)

morganfell1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

China wants consoles. Mobile will always be there but it isn't yet the darling of the Chinese market. And no one else has the infrastructure. By sales to date of the PS4 and the lifting of the restriction period the government had in place for the past year, the Chinese market has shown it is console ready and the PS4 is their choice.

Sony is bringing over 70 titles to China Joy this year. They have been developing games with partners for over 2 years and these are games either fully translated into Mandarin or ones developed directly for the Chinese market.

guyman1200d ago

I wonder if thecowsaysmoo will ever say anything that is factual

ghostface91200d ago

ya japan is getting passed over for china they are now going to be the big market everyone is targeting in the east