Final Fantasy Explorers Announced for 3DS, New Screens to Behold

EB: The game is set to ship on January 26, 2016 exclusively for the 3DS, so head on down below to check out the new screens.

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LightofDarkness1173d ago

So it's FF meets Monster Hunter with a dash of Pokemon. Could be fun, actually.

Loved how they immediately followed "Transform Into Your Favourite FF Characters!" by transforming into Lightning. Still trying to flog that horse, eh?

contradictory1173d ago

my thoughts exactly when seeing it.

Meryl1173d ago

It's not just lightning tho, it's Squall and Cloud as well, I hope Zack is in there as well

ninsigma1173d ago

Looks cool! Planning on getting the new 3ds xl soon. This will be a good title to have on it!

Summons751173d ago

I've been waiting so long for news on this! So far away :(