Nintendo NX: The series we need for launch

Dragon Quest is reportedly coming to the Nintendo NX – but what else does the big N's new console need on day one? A new article takes a look at the first and third-party options that make perfect sense for Nintendo's next-gen.

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Activemessiah1179d ago

Doom needs to be part of the list... the more M rated games on it the better the image it will have. Of course along side all the wonderful first party of course such as Metroid, Zelda and F-Zero.

Yi-Long1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

They need to release a huge FullHD proper Pokemon RPG adventure. Gameplay-wise similar to the handheld-release, but just build on that in a massive way.

deadpoolio3161179d ago

Thats never going to happen...The developers have said 10000000000000000000000 times they see Pokemon as a handheld title, not a game for home consoles.

remixx1161179d ago

So is it confirmed as coming????? Last I heard it was being considered...... Nintendo could really use something like this to help push the console, I just hope I don't have to wait even longer for my Zelda Wii u or even a new console just to play the next Zelda.

nowitzki20041179d ago

They shouldn't do that to WiiU owners. Zelda is one of the biggest reasons a lot of people bought the WiiU in the first place.

InTheZoneAC1179d ago

I have a feeling NX is going to come out next year and Wii U will be abandoned. Zelda will be delayed until the NX is ready, then it might release for both consoles, but that's probably best case scenario for Wii U owners...

Nintendo created the Wii hype, then let it destroy them with their lack of innovation and hope that the casuals would buy into it again.

hduce1179d ago

I don't think they can officially announce anything for the NX. That is why I think they changed their statement from its coming to under consideration.

deadpoolio3161179d ago

Officially now probably not...But whats going to happen is E3 2016 they will reveal the NX, and then announce that it will be releasing in November of 2016.....

deadpoolio3161179d ago

No best case scenario the Wii U will get a port....Make no mistake the Zelda game was canned on Wii U so they could move it over to the NX, but they might just decide to pull a twilight princess and throw the Wii U a port of it...

Although doing a Wii U port of Zelda would be insanely stupid considering they want the NX to sell, giving people a port really kind of takes away the reason to upgrade.

curtis921179d ago

Probably some of the stuff they showed for the Wii U launch.

Relientk771179d ago

Legend of Zelda Wii U will be a launch title for NX, and it will be on Wii U too

fungusar1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Bayonetta 3, Waverace 2, new Wario, Luigi's Mansion 3, new Metroid, new F-Zero, Zombi(U) 2, new Wipeout, Splatoon 2, new Bomberman, Mario Sunshine 2, new Paper Mario, Super Mario Galaxy 3, Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros. 2, New Zelda, New Diddy Kong Racing, new, new ,new ... well the list are endless.