Tropico 5 heading to the Xbox One in 2016 with Exclusive content

Tropico 5 is heading to the xbox one next year with exclusive content.

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Angeljuice1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

It's a pretty good game (I bought it a couple of weeks ago for £20 on PS4). It's more fun than most strategic sims.

Whitey2k1203d ago

Did ps4 get exclusive content? Or they getting shafted

lemoncake1203d ago

PS4 version got some DLC free but have to then pay for expansion and other DLC, this version seems to be a complete package with all DLC and expansion. Seems exclusive stuff is some maps and maybe the new interface, not sure if interface will be exclusive though or if ps4 version will get an update to it.

So no exclusive stuff on ps4 version.

Whitey2k1203d ago

I don't particular liked the game but it's bad for ps4 owners who brought this If x1 version gets all of it

Lenrulesdaworld1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

can I call it the definitive edition lol jk.

BlackTar1871203d ago

Is this game good for people who like Civ and other games of this nature. Weird thing is i;ve never played a tropico game.

lemoncake1203d ago

It is a great city builder game and this is best version so far. If you like civ and sim city style building games then there's a good chance you will like this, personally I like it a lot.

Iluvtrim1203d ago

Ah a lesser tomb raider deal.

AutoCad1203d ago

Bought this game on Pc for 10 bucks
Sucks compared to tropics 4