Resident Evil 2: Reborn HD in jeopardy as Capcom weigh up the profits?

Dealspwn: We reported last week the summer release for the free of charge Resident Evil 2: Reborn HD remake that is currently in the pipeline from Italian indie outfit Invader Games. The project has been developed using the Unreal 4 engine and includes improved 3D modelling, lighting, particle effects, tuned-up gameplay plus new textures and animations.

Of course it's all good and well producing a remake PC gamers want, I mean who wouldn't want a free to play HD remake of Resident Evil 2? The gamers will be ecstatic and I'm sure the developers can truly feel happiness for the amazing work they have achieved over the past two years. But has anybody taken a moment to ask Capcom what they think of all this? After all, Resident Evil is their brand, and in a day and age of remakes are Invader Games potentially just stripping finances from the deep pockets of Capcom?

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bggriffiths1203d ago

I really don't know why Capcom have let this indie studio carry on for so long if they're just gonna force them to pull it as soon as they announce their own remake, which is obviously going to happen given the success of Resi HD remaster.

Baka-akaB1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

The reverse is even more true .. so yes they are a big fan of RE2 , but what would make they think you'd get away with handling any part of a big franchise that is constantly rereleased or remade ?

If they manage to release it before the plug is pulled good for them , but it's the kind of thing that is bound to get nipped in the bud eventually .

Ideally this kind of situation would force a deal between the developpers and the publishers . But we know how stubborn publishers can be when it comes to their properties , even today .

They are control freaks whom dont feel like giving away control to an unknown quantity , despite constantly having made stupid choices , and precisely and already left control in the hand of undeserving studios for ports or spinoff ips a few times .

I remember a similar situation when Namco Bandai essentially killed a DBZ quake mod (well it was released in the end but devoid of any dbz elements) ... only to proceed to release basically a similar title in spirit on ps3/360 , except worse in all aspect but graphics

Malice-Flare1203d ago

if they're going ahead with the RE2make, there are two choices: like REmake 1/0 or like RE4...

if it was me, i'd try to mimic Dead Space...

gantarat1203d ago

Make like REmake 1/0 (from ground up) would less cost than make like RE 4.

Baka-akaB1203d ago

It really depends on how much assets from the Gamecube games they own from RE1 , RE4 and zero that are useable to recreate RE2 and 3 .

It's also contigent to the uncompressed and unfiltered quality of the re2 assets . If they got enough in HD quality that only need subtle touches and to be reworked for the RE4 engine , it will be work , but not that costly .

Capcom had years to ponder on that and probably decided which way to go , if there is any

Cherchez La Ghost1203d ago

They need to remake Resident Evil Outbreak series. That was the best RE games. The only thing it needed was mic support.

SuicidalTendencies1203d ago

What is this? Turning a classic into a RE4 clone? I hope Capcom shuts this shit down.

RosweeSon1203d ago

It's not been released or rereleased since the dreamcast and N64 ports this is one of the best games in the series just hurry up and make it I'm sure after nearly 15 years if Resi 1 was a success even after being on sega Saturn, playstation, PC, Nintendo DS, gamecube that Resident Evil 2 which hasn't been bled dry should do pretty well, I'd certainly grab a copy ;)

deadpoolio3161203d ago

Uh you mean Gamecube....There were ports of RE2, 3 and Code Veronica X on Gamecube

RosweeSon1200d ago

Yeah your right I stand corrected completely forgot we got 6 Resi games on the GameCube RE1 remake, Resi 2 standard ps1/dreamcast port, Resi 3 nemesis (same ps1/dreamcast quality...more like ps1) 4, code Veronica X (dreamcast port of course) and Resi 0 which I finished only a few months ago and that's now being remade ;( haha. I do love a classic Resident Evil.

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