Sony Wants You to Pick Your Next PS4 PlayStation Plus Freebie

Push Square: "Disappointed with this month's PlayStation Plus selection? It sounds like Sony will be giving you the choice to select your freebies moving forwards. A trailer on the 'What's New' section of the PlayStation 4 confirms that a new feature is on the way, allowing you to vote for which title you want to be given away for free. Judging by the clip, you'll have three titles to pick from each month, and the one that gets the most votes will be added to the Instant Game Collection."

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mania5681178d ago

That sounds like a great idea, i know some people just from the title thought they could just go and make bloodborne free but it is somewhat limited to the 3 games they choose, still this will be very helpful and let people choose what they want to get for free on the next month, ps plus discounts for the other two is also very welcome, looking forward to this.

daBUSHwhaka1178d ago

Definitely a better idea to put up a small selection and let you choose what you prefer.

donthate1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Choices are good, but poor options is the same as having no option so I hope we get good quality titles. I also hope MS follows as they already pushed a strong set of games on GwG recently.

Heck, I will take free AAA Xbox 360 games for BC on Xbox One instead of cheap boring indie games. That would be amazing!

pivotplease1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Retail != AAA

And while indie may usually mean cheap it only sometimes means boring. At least 10 of the free indies I have played were much better than 95% of the retail games available for PS4 and x1.

FamilyGuy1177d ago

Sony stepping it up again, this is really cool.

miyamoto1177d ago

This can only happen first on the PlayStation Ecosystem which I am sure the competition will likely imitate.

This is what happens if your platform holder thinks about "Good Services First" and does not only think of money or profits.

Sure this will drive in money. Its a business. but because it is rightfully earned out of good faith on the PlayStation Nation by PlayStation.

quaneylfc1177d ago

That just means the moaning will be multiplied by 3 lol

I would actually like them to take the free game part of plus and Xbox Live away.

XBLSkull1177d ago

Good feature but too bad you can't just individually choose which of the 3 titles YOU wanted. I could just see myself getting outvoted month after month lol... happens to me all the time when multiplayer games have voting systems in them.

subtenko1177d ago

Everyone vote SFV lol!!! xD Lets vote for some more horror games tho, Im so excited about allison road,until dawn and kitchen already but the wait is unbearable.

Sevir1177d ago

I found Transistor and Rocket League far more engaging than Thief!.... People keep screaming AAAAAAs but Indies have literally been carrying this generation...

Most of these Indies have out scored most of the AAA games that have released since the start of this current gen. Ori, Transistor, Rocket League, Resogun, Outlast beat out Driveclub, Sunset Overdrive, Thief, Halo:MCC Forza 5, Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Knack, TF, Infamous SS, Killzone SF critically.

Honestly when did playing a small game that's fun become such a bad thing. You want an AAA like "Thief" or "Knack" for free? Those are boring games and hardly worth it. I'll take an amazing small budget game over a mediocre AAA big budget release ANY day.

MysticStrummer1177d ago

"I will take free AAA Xbox 360 games for BC on Xbox One instead of cheap boring indie games."

I'll take new games or remastered old games over old old games. The myth that "AAA" means "good game" needs to die. Thankfully it appears that most gamers see that.

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get2sammyb1178d ago

Yeah, it'll be a choice from three titles. The winner will be free, while the losers will get PlayStation Plus discounts.

Really cool feature, though. Gives the community a bit of control over what they get, while it'll create lots of PR and mindshare for the PS4 and PlayStation Plus as developers compete for votes.

Really great idea.

ThunderPulse1177d ago

Hopefully AAA titles will be voted heavily on every month.

savaroth1177d ago

"Hopefully AAA titles will be voted heavily on every month. "

If you expect to get new AAA titles every month, get ready to get disappointed.
It's going to be a mix of indi titles and older AAA games most likely, because Sony and developers want to earn money.

This system will be an improvement though. More freedom of choice is a good thing.

Thumbs up for this idea.

generic-user-name1177d ago

It's a genius idea, people will debate about which game should be voted for which will increase awareness of all 3 games, this will be especially beneficial for the smaller games who need the recognition.

I'm guessing us gamers will be voting on the smaller title while Sony picks out the bigger one because there's no way they'll reduce it to 1 game instead of 2 like some people are worried about.

Lon3wolf1177d ago

You may have a generic username but that comment is anything but, yes it will be good all round for devs.

showtimefolks1177d ago

that sounds like a great idea but it will be sad when people will still complain. it's impossible to make everyone happy, so i am ok with whatever content is being offered by sony and ms for psn /xbox live

i hope we get more and more awesome games

ChuckTheIceMan1177d ago

As long as they don't give you 5 crap choices to choose from. Then what's the point?

admiralvic1177d ago

"Then what's the point?"

Ultimately perception is reality, so even if you don't like any of the choices, there is always the chance one might stand out or you might have a chance at getting the lesser of two evils.

Heres how I see it anyway. Odds are we're not going to get retail games listed or multiple super awesome titles, but we might get three upcoming games. Say Rocket League, N++ and The Swindle. Even if you dislike all three, you could pick the one you like most and get a better item in the end. I mean, logically Sony would have just picked one or more of these games anyway, so why not give us a system that makes everyone a little happier?

garos821177d ago

id love assasins creed black flag please

Unreal011177d ago

Go buy it then. Simple.

garos821177d ago

buy it for me captain since you have so much cash flying about left right and center

bloodybutcher1177d ago

I'm not sure how it looks now, but i paid 15€ for ac bf on ps store couple of months ago. I'd say it's possible for this game to appear in the offer.

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Septic1178d ago

People will still find a way to complain. -_-'

Der_Kommandant1178d ago

Every month is the same, Sony could give us Uncharted 4 and people will find a way to complain.

nowitzki20041177d ago

"Could have at least added another AAA game to go with UC4. smh"

Wintersun6161177d ago

"Not everybody likes Uncharted. This month has NOTHING for me. *sigh*"

KiwiViper851177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

"I already bought Uncharted on sale"

RedDevils1177d ago

"meh UC4 basically a movie, I rather play Pac man"

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Septic1177d ago

The world has made me this way p_p

Silly Mammo1177d ago

"Why can't there be 5 games to chose from every month?"

KwietStorm1177d ago

Well of course people will complain, its their right to do it, whether we like it or not. Just because we have options now, doesn't mean a "good" game will be chosen, good being subjective. Thing is, in this climate in gaming today, with many people who hate Indies just because they're indies, they'll pick the game with the bigger name, and potentially miss out on the "good" game. But it is what it is.

NSANiTY1177d ago

shhhh, be a KwieterStorm.

I keed, I keed. =)

PickAShoe1177d ago

ikr, bunch of babies. why don't they just buy the game they wanted.

Anorexorcist1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

"People will still find a way to complain."

That is the appeal of the world wide web. Like I stated a few days ago, typically the people that overreact and complain the most about something are also the ones that are least affected by it...

...Which in this case, that would be Xbox and PC fanboys complaining and trying to poke holes into this new PS Plus feature.

quaneylfc1177d ago

The option of a free game should be removed. Both MS and Sony might be able to use that effort for things like innovation and stability.

ps+ was down yesterday in parts, it goes down too often.

Sevir1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Exactly... That's the thing you can't please everyone even when the service is giving it to you for free

Jerry Seinfeld1175d ago

Reminds me of the old sim city. You could cut taxes to zero and they'd still bitch about high taxes.

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DFray9191178d ago

people are still goin to complain, because voting on 3 games that no one wants is still goin to make ppl mad.until PSplus drops a AAA game ppl will b mad.

i wonder does that mean we will stop getting 2or3 free games a month and start getting one! to me that will suck!

I myself like the games on PSplus, hell they are free games!!!

freshslicepizza1177d ago

people keep saying they are free when they are not. part of the revenue for the memberships goes towards them.

TFJWM1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

If you get $35(or more depending on what you paid) of games that you would have bought or you would pay for online without the games, then yes they would be considered free

freshslicepizza1177d ago

"If you get $35(or more depending on what you paid) of games that you would have bought or you would pay for online without the games, then yes they would be considered free"

what? if you pay a membership but get more in return it's no longer paying? you make no sense at all. plus has been devised in a way to give the illusion you get free games when in fact it's part of the membership rewards that DOES require a fee. the value of those rewards will fluctuate on each member but they still cost money to access them.

HeavenlySnipes1177d ago

Thanks for the info. I'm sure no one was aware of this

TFJWM1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Its not hard to understand. Yes you are still paying who said you weren't. But if you pay $35 upfront and then get something for $35 that you would have bought anyway, then the actual cost is 0. If cost = 0 then something is free...

And if the rewards btw sales and games you would have bought > 35 then they are paying you to "rent" games.

MysticStrummer1177d ago

"if you pay a membership but get more in return it's no longer paying?"

That's not what he said, but I think you know that.

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solid_snake36561177d ago

Well $50 a year is not free.

ThunderPulse1177d ago

I don't want PS Plus anymore but I'm forced to buy it for the online.

solid_snake36561177d ago

@ThunderPulse yup same here. Theirs absolutely no need for psn+ except for the online part. I guess it was a smart business move on sonys part. Start charging for online when it used to be free so they don't have to give away "free" AAA games.

Unreal011177d ago


It's almost as if the competition was charging all last gen and this gen too. No one ever complained.

KimikoGaming1177d ago


I don't really even care about PS+ much lately. But I still need to keep my service active if I want to be able to play the free games from back when the games they offered were decent.

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D3TH_D33LR1177d ago

How about just a consistent solid service. PSN aaaand Xbox live have way too many connection issues. Day 2 of not being able to load GTA at all without instantly getting an error.

deadpoolio3161177d ago

So then basically what your saying is that you are or were too lazy when you setup the console to make your system the primary.....I mean if you can't load it at all supposedly....

since people use that so they can gameshare basically means either you wal-mart internet sucks or you neglected to make your system the primary so you ALWAYS have to be connected to PSN...

Must suck for the gameshare people who always have to be connected to PSN especially if it goes down for some reason

Sevir1177d ago

@Deadpoolio BRUH!!! I died at "Wal-Mart internet" 😂 😂 😂 😂

D3TH_D33LR1176d ago

No it was a legit problem. My console is set as primary and in fact the other profiles will load the game. If you weren't so basic you'd see on rockstars support page that it was a major issue for the past 24 hours for ps4 versions of GTA. My internet doesn't suck. It's the fastest you can get in Canada. Based on your agrees it seems like this place has been overrun by scrubs.

D3TH_D33LR1176d ago

Lmao everyone gets 5 bubbles and you're already back to 3. Ya case dismissed. Scrub on out, son.

D3TH_D33LR1176d ago

Just so everyone knows how much of a douche you are, I was getting a ps4 error that would crash upon starting GTA 5 or online because I had over 100 friends on my friendslist. So can't blame ya, crappy attitude like that probably means very few friends. Thanks for proving how quick everyone on this site is to troll as well. You're all so very basic :)

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GordonKnight1177d ago

What I like about PS+ & XG is getting games for free that I would have never purchased. I've found some awesome games that way. Now if I could just found the time to play them all!

KiwiViper851177d ago

Like So Many Me. Im addicted...

OverdosedWitDopeness1177d ago


Most likely we'll pick the (big game) AKA
Styx,MGS ground zeroes of these past few months and still get the other small indie ones.

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Chaosdreams1177d ago

It's a good idea. However people will complain if the 3 choices are not what they want.This is a nice step in the right direction however.

ginsunuva1177d ago

The whole point of PS+ free games is to give people the games they didn't want (either didn't sell well before, stopped selling, or are new and probably won't sell without PS+).

GordonKnight1177d ago

Or if the game that they wanted didn't win the vote.

NeonEnigma1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

I've been pretty happy with the selection so far, but hopefully this feature can satisfy everyone's expectations. Although i suggest playing a game outside your comfort zone once in a while, you might end up liking it and if its free (no extra charge) you got nothing to lose