How The Windows 10 App On Xbox One Could Kill The Steam Machines

If Microsoft was to go ahead with talk of bringing a Windows 10 app to the Xbox One that can stream a PC desktop experience to the console - as the Xbox app does now the other way - it would render the Steam Machine redundant. Finder discusses this issue;

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SlappingOysters1177d ago

It's a bloody good point - why would you buy a Steam Machine if you can have Xbox and Steam. Assuming of course that the streaming quality works well. Or at least well enough.

I am interested in the controller though.

MightyNoX1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

That's like saying "Why would you use STEAM when you have Games for Windows Live"

We all know how that turned out.

SlappingOysters1177d ago

Not really - that is two free things on the same system. In this case you are being asked to buy a new console to get something you can already do.

1174d ago
CoyoteHunter1177d ago

Exactly!!! This is exactly what I've been saying for months now. Microsoft has all but killed the Steam Machine dead in the water. There is very little reason to own a Steam Machine because it brings nothing to the table that is not already currently available.

I'm still waiting to be hear who it's actually marketed at? The market for this product must be so small (likely people who just love to own new technologies) that I can guarantee we're going to see rapid consolidation in the market.

SlappingOysters1177d ago

I am pretty damn curious about the controller though. I guess if it is good, then the other console makers will adapt their controllers

sarahnade1177d ago

That's an interesting point. But man, what a let down if all that comes out of this whole Steam Machine saga is a "cool controller".

There was a time when the idea of Steam Machine interested me, but I feel it's just going to fall to the wayside– especially after reading this piece.

SlappingOysters1176d ago

It's interesting that Valve have partnered with Microsoft on the HTC Vive. It suggests little faith from Valve that their branded machines will compete.

mistajeff1176d ago

I think people are missing the point of steam machines. If the only thing you're doing is streaming your PC games to the living room, you'll want the $50 steam link box. The only reason to pay for, say, a $500 alienware steam machine is if you need a rig capable of running the latest games. Having PC to Xbox streaming would be great, it helps to expand the PC platform, but if all I'm doing is streaming my PC games I'm not going to pay $350 for an Xbox or $500 or whatever for a "console-ized" PC when I can pay $50 for a steam link this fall. Steam machines that run the software natively are an effort to lower the barrier of entry to PC gaming. You still need a rig that can run these games that you want to stream.