Is Rare Replay the Greatest Games Collection Ever and Will Purists Revolt at Old Skool Tweaks?

In this week’s podcast you can feel the excitement building for what could be the greatest games collection ever made; Rare Replay, brimming over with 700 hours of gameplay from 30 titles spanning 30 glorious gaming years! All for 30 bucks! Or even cheaper as spendthrift Darren found out which brings up the debate of Digital vs Physical purchases once again!

Also in the episode, Darren takes the plunge and upgrades his laptop to Windows 10 – how did the upgrade go? We also talk about the Xbox App, Xbox game streaming (after some hands on time) and some of the unique benefits of Windows 10 and what it brings to the table for us gamers.

And Antony comes to terms with news from Bethesda that they cannot make any more Collector’s Edition Pip-Boys and devises a cunning plan to knit his own Pip-boy in an outstanding show of gaming defiance!

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higgins781174d ago

Yes, easily - the greatest. Why, oh why couldn't this be releasing for PC? I'm not, I repeat not buying an Xbox One 'just' for this collection...probably.

suckingeggs1174d ago

Buy one for the many other great games coming .. Microsoft will have crazy deals again come holidays

Xbox one is well worth the purchase

higgins781174d ago

I'm simply not going to do it. I already own a WiiU, New 3DS, PS4, PC, ZX Spectrum and BBC Micro. My house is beginning to look like a museum to videogames, lol. My only consideration would be trading in my PS4 towards an Xbox One, but for just this game? Not sure. Yes - as you mention, other good games will inevitably arrive, but so will they (probably) for the PS4...I just cant decide. Argh!

GordonKnight1173d ago

I would rather purchase this for my Wii U. Oh well, I'll just get for my X1.

KimikoGaming1174d ago

If they give Jet Force Gemini dual analog support, this collection will be worth getting just for that alone.

Not to mention 29 other games.

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spicelicka1174d ago

Haven't played 90% of those games, I'm looking forward to getting into it!

BecauseImBatman1174d ago

The only thing missing from that collection for me is GoldenEye, probably a licensing thing though. Looking forward to picking up an Xbox this holiday and replaying some of those great Rare games.

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The story is too old to be commented.