Amiibo: Jigglypuffy Amiibo Now Available For An Interesting Price On Amazon

The Jigglypuff amiibo is available for an interesting price on Amazon. The figure is not the official NA one but a Japanese import

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lizard812881175d ago

Wow, not a bad price. I paid $20 for mine...then 2 days later, there was a restock...

SquidBuck1175d ago

When will people realize Amiibos are just a crash grab? I'm worrying it's all Nintendo cares about anymore.

DarkBlood1175d ago

Alot of things are cash grabs these days nintendo may be about that family business model but they are still here to make money first and foremost

ZeekQuattro1175d ago

Exactly. They are a for profit company. People didn't get this bent out of shape when Pokemon cards first hit the scene. No one was saying Nintendo only cared about Pokemon cards. lol

ZeekQuattro1175d ago

Its good that the prices went down. I can import many of them cheap now on Amazon if I need to.