Final Fantasy 7 Remake 'bringing dramatic changes' to combat, but will still be 'recognisable'

Square Enix's Tetsuya Nomura teases that the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy 7 will contain numerous changes.

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Elda1176d ago

Great!...bring it on!

breakpad1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

i hope they dont get any element from FFXIII crap-battle system...IMO the best option is to update the combat and readopt the FF12's very well done combat system...its strategic ,its semi turn-based, its hardcore RPG and gives you a very nice sense of the battle

Elda1176d ago

I like FF-XIII battle system it was fast & furious I just wished I could have controlled all characters.

Crimzon1176d ago

I don't see why they'd change anything at all to be honest. People have been asking for this for so long, why give them something different that will probably upset fans when they find out it's not the same as the original? I guess it's a fine line they have to tread where they retain the qualities of the original but update it for modern gamers, but it seems like people will inevitably be frustrated and upset when they mess with things they should have just left alone.

Ocsta1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Who disagreed with you? FF13's battle system played itself ffs! ZERO strategy involved! If the remake is even LEANING in that direction I will be a hard sell. And I absolutely adore Final Fantasy 7.

carlingtat1176d ago

I think a mixed battle style of XIII and VII would work well. Have the fact that its not random battles and when you bump into a monster it goes into a battle like XIII but have the turn-based/ATB battle system of VII. And then they can move around the enemy while attacking like XIII instead of just staying still like VII.

NukaCola1176d ago

All I want in the combat is an ATB that is advanced and with a lot of fluid animations. Also can increase the LIMIT BREAKS to 1000s.

DemonChicken1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

I honestly don't mind either way (my perference) whether a system similar to FF15 (that Ramuh summon!)or something on as similar level like ffX but noting in ffx case, the airship was merely teleporting so if a similar system we won't have the option of ramming ultima weapon with the highway.

World map side I hope something similar to FF15 for the buggy and airship!

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LightSamus1176d ago

If it takes anything from the XIII series, take from Lightning Returns. Much more involving than XIII or XIII-2 and really fast-paced. Instead of swapping costumes like Lightning did though, swap characters.

nitus101176d ago

Not sure why you got so many disagrees but from comments on forums when FF12 first came out I am not overly surprised.

Basically FF12 was a major departure from all the other FF games in that you fight in the area you are actually in and did not move into a battle arena.

I definitely do agree that the combat system was the best of all worlds in that if you liked micro-managing you could do that or you could opt for active turn-base like many FF games before it. For the more tedious parts you could just auto run assuming you set up your tactics properly and if you were getting overwhelmed you could pause and micro manage.

Another nice feature of FF12 was that there were no hidden encounters since you could see all enemy and avoid them if you were quick enough, also if you were of a high enough level lower level creatures would not attack unless you initiated contact.

The maps in FF12 that you traversed were huge unlike the on-rails paths that were common in FF10 and FF13 although later on you do get to traverse some fairly large areas in both games.

I do think the disagrees were by people who had on "rose coloured gasses" with regard to previous FF games.

If people think I am wrong then please don't hesitate to reply telling me why. Just saying it was different is not very constructive.

BTW: I have played all FF games from 4 through 8 (missed 9) then 10 though 13 (I did not include FF11 since that is an on-line only game). All IMHO are great although I almost gave up on FF8 but it definitely did improve.

breakpad1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

@ nitus 10 r probably old school like me and you understand the innovative and useful changes when they happen like FF12 combat system..many are young and alot of people missed FF12 entirely which was a majestic game superior to FF 9 and 10

ShinMaster1175d ago

As long as it's not an action RPG (15) or plays itself while limiting party control (13). It should be fine.

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thekhurg1176d ago

Turn based combat or GTFO.

Griever1176d ago

I agree with you but unfortunately majority of the RPG players today do not agree. As a result, SE will be forced to make it real time or face harsh criticism for using an "outdated slow, boring and unrealistic" combat system. People just do not like turn based today even though it used to be a norm. I wish they would feature both the classic and the modern battle system in the game and make it an option.

eddieistheillest1176d ago

Let's hope for an option for 2 battle systems and everyone will be happy. ( turn based for me though)

Scar-1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

LMFAO 'forced to make it real time' its a remaster of a cult classic its going to do numbers regardless. There are MILLIONS of gamers that want nothing more than a graphical update. Everyone's first console wasn't ps3 or 360, some of us played it launch day and have enjoyed it ever since.

I don't get the whole two option thing. Seriously if you don't like turn base rpgs YOU DON"T LIKE FF7 that simple. People want to change a game they most likely never played and that people already like.

1176d ago
nitus101176d ago

Actually prior to FF7, FF4 through FF6 had active turn-base although you could turn this off if you wished.

Many RPG's and that includes JRPG's also had action based combat although for a party active turn based with a pause and micro manage feature were fairly common.

Please note when I said "action based combat" I actually meant a single character was fully controlled by the player and other characters were controlled via the AI normally by simple settings such as "go all-out", "heal", "normal/balanced", "do nothing". FF12 had a fairly complex but interesting way of doing this.

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-Foxtrot1176d ago

Yeah if you don't like the old system then you have FF15

Turn based was part of the classic FF games

quaneylfc1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

"Yeah if you don't like the OLD SYSTEM"

Lost Odyssey is not the old system. If they "tweaked" FFVII's battle system, it still wouldn't be the old system.

-Foxtrot1176d ago

Turn based still works

Go play Lost Odyssey, they tweaked it a little, made it a tad faster and added the ring system which kept you more focused in battle instead of laying battle mashing the X button

quaneylfc1175d ago

That's not what you said. It's not even what you implied.

Arlham Orgins's combat can't be compared to Arkahm City's in that way.

Revengeance1176d ago

1000% agree. I can play both turn-based and action but this is one game that will not feel like FFVII to me if it's not turn-based.

nitus101176d ago

Actually FF7 was basically a departure from previous FF games such as FF4 though FF6 since they had active-turn-base although you could turn that off if you wished.

babadivad1175d ago

Do something like what the Tales os series does. That's the best rpg fighting system IMHO. I'd buy ut in a second.

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pedrami911176d ago


Can't wait to see what Nomura can cook up.

Kalebninja1176d ago

Well to me that sounds like a new system most likely similar to XV but they'll have a lot of the same attacks which is what'll be recognisable.

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