Team17 will publish Yooka-Laylee and eyes retail release

Team17 will publish Yooka-Laylee and says it wants to take the Kickstarter phenomenon to retail - MCVUK

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BigBosss1201d ago

Definitely will pick up this game :)

-Foxtrot1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Great news

Maybe Team 17 should start to look into a retail Worms game soon.

I'd like them to do Worms 5, Worms 4 was amazing

Benoski1201d ago

I would love to play another 3D Worms game.

I loved playing Worms 4, so I hope it happens soon!

Relientk771201d ago

Good I want this to have a retail release

TWB1201d ago


That was all I wanted.

Im not even a banjo fan but this one looks tasty and its a modern 3D platformer!

If it gets physical release, Im definitely going to pick it at release. I never get digital games at release.

Also, interesting Team17 is going to publish the game. How have they been doing recently? I only know them as "the worms dev" and also from Stunt GP.

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