Windows 10 gaming and you – A comprehensive guide

MWEB GameZone writes: "Here is a guide to everything you need to know about gaming on Windows 10, including six great gaming features, how to stream games via the Xbox App and five games you should try out with an Xbox controller."

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Choc_Salties1201d ago

Good to know - While not an XBox owner myself, could be a good incentive to get one now...

Sillicur1201d ago

That is a good point, maybe its time to take the plunge. I still prefer the PS4 though :(

Septic1201d ago

Yeah we know lol.

But your preference for the PS4 shouldn't stop you from buying an Xbox One regarding its Windows 10 integration ;)

HanCilliers1201d ago

I'm waiting out this week before I take the Windows 10 plunges. Great ideas in the article to try out.

Sillicur1201d ago

Waiting a week or two before trying out a new OS is a great idea. Gonna try those features soon though :)

nowitzki20041201d ago

Yeah Im waiting a little while, want to see what people say first.

DesVader1201d ago

Thanks for putting this together! Good job, guys.

Shazz1201d ago

It actually works really well for game streaming to my laptop with no lag when my Ethernet is plugged in.

TWB1201d ago

TBH Im most excited about the game DVR feature. I have ever only used the free version of FRAPS (25 second clips and insanely large file sizes) and never got around figuring out MSI afterburners recorder.

I heard that the quality is decent and performance impact is extremely small.