Batman: Arkham Knight Sells 2.1M Units First Week - Sales

"The latest Batman game - Batman: Arkham Knight - had a strong first week, selling 2.09 million units worldwide at retail (week ending June 27), according to the VGChartz Global Weekly Chart."

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JMaine5181203d ago

Wow those sales are amazing. PS4 with 1.4M of those sales? I guess those bundles paid off.

Rimeskeem1203d ago

And the PC version isnt technically out yet

KeplerNoMore1203d ago

It still wouldnt have changed the statistics that much, the PC crowd will buy this game when its a Definitive Edition, since most PC gamers tend to hate Season Passes. Also the PS Bundle and exclusive missions swayed the console crowd, so it deserves the extra income.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1203d ago ShowReplies(1)
PhoenixUp1203d ago

First Witcher 3 now Batman: Arkham Knight. I see a new trend of AAA current gen exclusives selling 3x as much on PS4 than on X1.

italiangamer1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

That PS4 bundle sure kicked some ass! Now wait for the Metal Gear Solid 5 one...holy sheet.

suckingeggs1203d ago

sony have bundles and marketing rights for the first ever open world metal gear... It is open world right or am I just wishing?

Good strategic business move... Before the juggernaut which is halo

skydragoonityx1203d ago

From the start of this gen it was obvious every multiplat game would sell more on ps4

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