IGN reviews Soul Calibur 4

IGN writes:

"Despite the aforementioned concerns, Soulcalibur IV is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it, especially -- as I said before -- to fans of the series. The game runs well, looks beautiful, sports great music and obviously has enjoyable combat. The PS3 and 360 versions are just about identical (barring the differing guest characters), though I felt that the optional install on the PS3 made things feel even quicker and more polished. In the end, both are worthy members of a long- standing series and you won't be disappointed with the purchase.

Now get that soul burning."

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sushipoop4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

Yeah I'll go with the PS3 version. I prefer the PS3 controller anyway. The DPADS on 360 controllers are good for nothing.

Interesting comment about the 3 Star Wars characters:

"Darth Vader feels like the only balanced character out of the three."


beast4748d ago

For the quick submit NDN Shadow :)

cahill4748d ago

Now i will go with the PS3 version for sure

NDN_Shadow4748d ago

Huh? This isn't my story, I caught up trying to choose a picture and ended up with someone beating me.

And honestly, this is a news site. No need to add biases to the titles of news articles or review, regardless of what the review says.

Bnet3434748d ago

The headline is laughable ... like if the Xbox 360 version has huge loads times and looks like poo, which by the way are no means true, not even remotely close. Anyways, I'd give it a higher score. 9.5/10. The character creation is very deep. I made Strider from ... Strider using the Kilik preset. Very good fighting game. Lots of unlockables, very good stuff. Def. worth the money go get it.

Dark vader4748d ago

How is yoda? Is he any good?

sonarus4748d ago

As a fighter, i always felt SC was basic but thats just me. I think the score was well deserved. I doubt we will see any more scores like 1up.

Game is ok from what i have played of it. Not as good as tekken or virtual fighter or even DOA in my opinion. But great animation great graphics

Bnet3434748d ago

Hell no, well it depends. Yoda is a cheap ass mofo, but any good SC player can kick his ass. He is just annoying. But he is fun to play with because he is unique. A little bit slow, but man he looks great. The saber moves are so fluid and flashy. I love him/hate him.

Dark vader4748d ago

Okay cool.. i have to try him out myself, vader so far is really good though. :)

Bnet3434748d ago


First of all Soul Calibur is better then that pokefest that is Tekken. No joke, talk to a serious competitor they'll tell you how bad Tekken it is. Complete pokefest. That makes it totally unbalanced, almost like a game of chess because of the whole who strikes first here we go combo time. In SC, your opponent falls faster and it's just harder to combo it up so it gives other players a chance DOA4 was barely good, but man SCIV kills it in everything. Virtua Fighter AKA Plastic Fighter, I haven't played besides the demo so I can't say anything about that game.

Ninja-Sama4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

Talk to a serious competitor? Tekken is played much, much more competitively than SC is so wat r u talking about? You compare Tekken to a game of chess and that's supposed to be a bad thing? Since when has strategy in a fighting game been a bad thing? Anyway...

Will be picking this up for PS3 can't wait to try out my series fav. Nightmare and Vader as well!

sonarus4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

I haven't played a real next gen tekken yet so i can't really speak for tekken much but virtual fighter is better than SC4. Graphics and animation in SC might be fun but the combat is dry as hell. Maybe its just me but i love doing sick combos and crazy counters. I get that from tekken. From SC4 its just a sword fight. In my opinion SC is probably one of the most over rated fighters. I was far more impressed with DOA4 than i was with SC4

But i have been in this argument tons of times. It all depends on personal preference.

Bnet3434748d ago

Wow .. well that's your opinion and I can't argue with that, as I had mines. SCIV does so much to differentiate itself from the competition, I think it deserves at least a 9. Most of the bad things these guys at IGN stated were just nitpicking.

4748d ago
sonarus4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

I really don't think there is much compeition among fighters anyway. I think what matters most in a fighter is the combat engine and SC combat is boring to me. It might not be to you but its a bit boring to me. Things like character creation are simply gimmicks to me. Sure its nice to have but its not what matters me anyway.

SC4 is a good fighter but not great.

@real mod, so what is MK, Street Fighter, Tekken and all the other fighters that were there long before SC. Some of the greatest fighters of all time.

Paiton4748d ago Show
4748d ago
Milky4748d ago

Optional install is the way to go !

sonarus4748d ago

Wow and there i was thinking this site was completely taking over by ps3 fanboys. :(

Lol. I don't comment much anymore so i don't really know who the fanboys are anymore. A bit silly to be fanboyish over a multiplatform title though so i am going to assume fanboyism has nothing to do with this one

4748d ago
KyonoRocks4748d ago

Paiton you're a joke, F off to the open section because this is just fanboy drivel

"And now the controls! PS3 Dualshock/ SIX AXIS >>>>> 360 controller. Sorry but it is the truth. Nothing beats Dpad for fighting games."

It's called a fighting stick dear

hay4748d ago

I'm in fighters for about 18 years, since I was a little kid and discovered SF2 for Amiga. Played it a lot 'till KoF'94.
Then there were next SFs, KoFs, Tekkens, VFs, DoAs, SCs(including Soul Blade/Edge), basically I played most of them if not all including titles that aren't known to most of you right now: Toshinden, Body Blows, ADK, World Heroes, Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, Guilty Gear, Darkstalkers, Snk vs Capcom, Capcom-Marvel fighters and many others.

I agree with Sonarus. SC is incredibly easy it has really low learning curve so pretty much everyone can play it, it's a major advantage for this game. But it isn't that good when it comes to hardcore gaming.
I don't really know how it works in SC4 but in 2 and 3 all moves for single character could be mastered in about 1 or 2 hours of lazy training which is something unachievable in Tekken or VF. I've spent few hours training one character in T5, and another batch of duels with my friends to utilize my skills.

In SC it isn't necessary since it's pretty much mashing-friendly and someone with little skill could do some crazy stuff here. That's advantage and a drawback at the same time. It's more intuitive than skill based and makes everyone feels good when playing.
Tekken on the other side needs more attention to technique. You need to know not only your character's fast and slow attacks, delays, transitions and at least several skills to utilize but also character you are fighting with. So not really a mashing game, unless you pick up Baek, Christie, Eddie or Hwoarang, but it's the same as playing Maxi(I still prefer Li Long more).

Some people love SC4 others love Tekken, VF or even Battle Raper(I won't crucify you) but the truth is that Calibur became low level, easy and accessible fighter for everyone which can bore hardcore gamers in the end.

I don't care about disagrees, just couldn't watch passively when Sonarus got stoned for speaking the truth(little exaggerated but still).

kewlkat0074748d ago

Does he know about the Xbox 360 Fall Update?

This game is getting what I thought it would. Still solid.

Still_Breathing4748d ago

Agree totally, Bubbles up.
I'm a fighting fan myself, and although I haven't played as many as you, I completely agree. Always preferred Tekken, and VF. Soul Calibur felt a little on the button mashing side. I think the only balanced version, was the original Soul Calibur. But it's an opinion.

Jerkstore814748d ago

I can't help but laugh whenever someone says a game deserves X score when they haven't even played it yet....

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pwnsause4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

"The real issue at hand is that Darth Vader feels like the only balanced character out of the three."

Well Yoda is freaking small, so he cheap to fight against. good to see that the PS3 version is runs really good thanks to installs. See! installs are good, but people here love to spin. when you xbox fanboys get that dashboard update, you'll see why installs are great for a game.

But seriously Namco, not that its a big deal for fighting games, but why didnt you add rumble to the PS3 version of the game? thats just dumb. hopefully they will add rumble and Trophies to via a patch.

cahill4748d ago

is the limelight of SC4


ash_divine4748d ago

my guess is... lazy developers. I don't mind as much as I thought I would though so it's all good I guess.

cahill4748d ago

people actually wont care

they always want the best version and IGN influences purchase decision.anyway i always expected SC4 to sell more on PS3 and it is almost waranteed after this review

Montrealien4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

Why is this game not in 1080p on the PS3? Anybody know why? It`s not even upscaled.. it is clearly not the best resolution.

ELite_Ghost4748d ago

cause the 360 version isn't 1080p either...

Montrealien4748d ago

It is 1080p upscaled. Why can;t they upscale it also?


xbox360 will never be 1080p . Well not this generation at least or the 720 . but i bet it will be on the xbox1080 . oh snap math is wrong by 40 microsoft got a problem

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ash_divine4748d ago

but I did tell people to wait and see how much the install affects it. so...

cahill4748d ago

However haters will still whine but who cares about them

ash_divine4748d ago

that's why I won't bother trying anymore.

on a side note: SC IV tomorrow(how awesome is that), been waiting for this game since I finished Soul Calibur III.

Superfragilistic4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

Either way it's an awesome brawler, and the 360 gamers only have to wait til the Fall update to get their optional installs as well. ;)

Ghoul4748d ago

palying the game for almost a week now (ps3 version) i can assure you it was worth the wait for sc fans, i had a rough starte getting into it but now i totally enjoy it. great game incredible character custimisations.

The install greatly affects load times, with installing the game the loadings went from noticeable annoying loadings to normal "i dont care" loadings

cahill4748d ago

Not every x360 has a HDD by default

40% of x360 owners are Arcade thats bad

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power of Green 4748d ago

Can't wait for installs I'm sick of hearing about it.

I guess the guest charactors are going to come down to opinion 1up says Vader sucks.

sushipoop4748d ago

IGN > 1up. Everyone knows that.

power of Green 4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

Hmmm. Maybe when the 360 gets installs (installs twice as fast then PS3 when tested on DMC4=better performance?) the reviewers will start mentioning Trophies, rumble and ingame music when the PS3 games don't have them, you think?.



"As of this moment, the PS3 version has the technical edge, since it allows you to install to the hard drive for faster loading times -- but with the upcoming Xbox 360 update that allow gamers to similarly install any game they want, it's almost a moot point. The Xbox 360 version's advantage rests with its exclusive guest Star Wars character, Yoda. The PS3 version is saddled with Darth Vader, but Yoda is the better character of the two, as he's sprightly and nimble, as opposed to the slow and lumbering Vader."

Hhahahahaha you dipshit.

FAQS4748d ago

"1up says Vader sucks."
A: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...give me a break man!...

sushipoop4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

POG is crying. Get the poor loser some tissues. If IGN says Darth Vader is better, then Darth Vader is better. 1up = EGM = Idiots.

power of Green 4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

The PS3 fanboys tried to hide the 1up review by posting the review early in the morning around 2:30 PT and they approved it fast so it wouldn't heat up in pending thus being largely ignored. Cahill=Nasim.

pwnsause4748d ago

Someone call a Whambulance for poor POG

Irving4748d ago

Lol POG back to four bubbles, I wonder why :D

Obama4748d ago

Pog has a green troll as an avatar. I don't want get a troll as an exclusive character I must confess.

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Kleptic4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

nice...was a huge fan of the DC game years ago, and even more so with Soul Edge back on the PS1...haven't played any of the franchise since though...will definitely be picking this up...