Is PS4 Or Xbox One More Worried About Nintendo's New NX?

Should Sony or Microsoft be concerned about Nintendo's new console stealing interest away? Or will the NX's arrival simply not matter at all?

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stonecold31266d ago

no because sony and microsoft are selling pretty well at moment and pretty much both consoles are doing well once nintendo bring nx out i welcome them in the 8th generation but i think it will be late since 8th generation started in 2013 plus sony and microsoft have huge games that are coming out for quiet sometimes i do think nx will sell if its get third party developers that will support it and on board with it like ps4 one

JoGam1266d ago

Wait Nintendo has a new console coming?

xHeavYx1265d ago

Pressure from Nintendo? Yeah... no.

UltraNova1265d ago


You should know better than count Nintendo out of their own game.

I trust they'll find a way to make yet another 'splash', so to speak.

TFJWM1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Will either feel alot of pressure from the NX, prob not. But if either of them do the system with the lower sales would feel it more

WalterWJR1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

If the NX is even 5% more powerful than the ps4 Nintendo could do some damage just from the fact it will be the most powerful Console ever made.

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wheresmymonkey1265d ago

No the 8th gen started in 2012 with the release of the WiiU.

UltraNova1265d ago

In all honesty the Wii U was Gen 7.5(barely)

showtimefolks1265d ago

i don't think so, both ms and sony are doing well and trying to compete with each other. Nintendo hasn't had a console with 3rd party support since SNES. Just think about it, it's been that long

if i was running Nintendo these are the things i would do:

Get as much feedback from developers as possible about the console tech.

Get big publishers on board and ask them what it would take for their games to appear on out next consoles day and day with ps4,xbox one and pc.

have a online system that can compete with psn/xbox live but make it free to entice people into buying our console to play online

make sure i have a zelda game ready at launch, i would also out source past zelda games for complete remakes

also launch with Mario Party into enticing families to buy the consoles to play with their kids

try to publish some 3rd party games so the 3rd party publishers won't be taking the risk. this way the library becomes bigger and in future those same publishers will return the favor by making the game available day and day with other consoles

wellard1265d ago

Who would trust Nintendo not to scrap the nx in 3 years time. Nintendo is too risky to spend money on.

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Thatguy-3101266d ago

It's Nintendo lol I doubt they feel pressure from them. Let's remember that ps4/xbox are direct competitors. Nintendo is running it's own race.

ShugaCane1265d ago

And let's remember how the Wii tore the competition apart, hands in the pocket.

Wii U is a disaster, but let's not forget that Nintendo still owns some of the most beloved franchises in the gaming industry. If they rethink their policy, they could become a real competitor again.

Just imagine if they decide to make an Open World HD Pokemon Game on a home console ? Success guaranteed.

wheresmymonkey1265d ago

there's only 3 million differnce in sales between the xbone and WiiU. sure its been out a year longer but consiering how poorly marketed the WiiU has been i'd say its done pretty well all things considered.

'could become a real competitor again' last time I checked they pretty much own the handheld market and have done for the past 20 odd years.

Ausbo1265d ago

They need a 3rd party friendly console. They need to mend thier relationships and get all the games Microsoft and Sony gets.

They will have success if they can get thier great first party games and 3rd party games together on their console.

Haru1266d ago

PS4 is in first place saflely leading while xbox one is in a distant 2nd place, so I say if anyone should worry then it's probably Microsoft because xbox is not doing that great Sony has nothing to worry about

GMR_PR1266d ago

Actually the Xbox 1 its doing really good, its selling at a faster rate than the X360. The PS4 its just selling way better, but that doesn't mean X1 is doing bad.

GenuineGamer1265d ago

Pretty much. Xbox one is doing great and a lot of people are really happy with it no matter how many petty fans disagree or wish otherwise.

Kribwalker1265d ago

I would say Sony has something to worry about seeing as Nintendo caters to more of the same audience as Sony, as they both go for a lot of Jrpgs and in general Japanese style games where as everyone on this site says Xbox is strictly a westerner system without all these Japanese games

Chupa-Chupa1265d ago

I don't think they are worried, if anything they want to see Nintendo succeed. Competition always brings the best out of Sony and Microsoft. That's what this business is all about. Makes all gamers winners.

FallenAngel19841265d ago

PS4 just sold 25 million without having a price cut yet. X1 is also performing well at 13 million.There is nothing NX can do to make Sony and Microsoft afraid.

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