Ubisoft Launches Free Just Dance 2016 Demo on New-Gen Consoles

Coming in October, the latest installment in the Just Dance series has a Demo for you to try out some moves

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MRBIGCAT1174d ago

Hopefully, aside from the track list, they make some significant changes. Just Dance franchise doesn't seem to make sweeping changes from one year to the next.

CernaML1174d ago

What kind of big changes can you expect from a dance game though?

Konami released like a thousand versions of all their music arcade games and each one was really just a new song pack and interface. lol Nothing wrong with that though.

Sureshot1174d ago

Who would've thought, Ubisoft bringin back free demos. Must really be bug free this time!

iplay1up21173d ago

I tried the demo, because I had never played one before. All I can say is the Wii motes are not very accurate. I could win just by waving my hands around. Definitely not a game for me.

I did like the dance pad for a minute back in the day.