NBA 2K16 Advanced Gamepad Controls Revealed

These are all the basic and advanced NBA 2K16 controls for Xbox and PlayStation gamepad controllers, revealed by the Microsoft SmartGlass app.

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1228d ago Replies(1)
1228d ago Replies(1)
Saijahn1228d ago

nothing really has changed. the big change to me is the pick button going from b to lb.

As long as the movement is fluid and the screens actually work to free the picker i can deal with that.

ahmexxxx1228d ago

Actually lots of changes. 2K changed the alley-oop, bounce pass and lob. The post button is no longer toggled with triagle/Y button and it is now executed by holding LB/L2. You can now jump contest a layup or a dunk on Defense. Dribble escape is done with the right stick only. You can do a 2-hand dunk by sprinting toward basket and holding right stick forward on command. A jab step combo in triple threat, more signature size ups using sprint button and any right stick direction (hopefully u can combo them together), there is a drive cutoff move on defense for the side to side cheesers, you can dunk with different hands on command, and now if you spam the steal button you will be called for an intentional foul.

gojmgo1228d ago

How about players spamming the steal button at Park? They should do something about that.

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Lexiiii1228d ago

I actually like the new controls specially the fact that you can now control your dunking hand.