CDPR: No Plans to Provide 900p Resolution Option For PS4, No Bald Geralt And More

Community manager Marcin Momot also talks a particular quest fix incoming for consoles

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jobboy1202d ago

1080p 20fps..... i love my ps4 and i have fun playing a lot of games on least there are devs that want/know how to master it

dantesparda1202d ago

The X1 version runs at 900p @ 20fps, would you prefer that?

donthate1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Xbox One version runs at an uncapped frame rate with dynamic resolution, and has on average a higher frame rate than the PS4 version which has 30 fps upper lock.

Bolts1202d ago

If the ps4 version runs at 30 FPS then it would be a none issue. The problem is that it struggles to hit 30 FPS and plunges into 15 FPS when you need a steady FPS the most, like during combat with a ton of downers in Death March.

Let's face it. The PS4 can't handle this game and 900p would be well worth it to achieve smooth performance.

GameNameFame1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )


Ps4 still has better performance. Here is analysis done by digital foundry.

So at the end of the day, PS4 has both better resolution AND performance.

Let's face it X1 can't handle this game at 900p with its frame rate dropping to 20 fps. May need to resort to 720p if it wants steady 30 fps.


Digital foundry said they even most cutscenes they saw was 900p.

Griever1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )


The X1 version does not runs at uncapped fps anymore after the 1.07 patch.

"Essentially, gameplay on Xbox One now appears to rely on a similar double-buffer v-sync set-up to the PS4 game, locking its frame-rate to 20fps during these lulls in performance."

Furthermore, the "dynamic" resolution only means that cutscenes run at 1080p. The gameplay runs at a fixed 900p and never goes into 1080p territory.


The game NEVER drops down to 15 fps on PS4. That is a blatant lie. In the worst situations it drops to a locked 20 fps and that is it.

Maxor1201d ago

Is there a FPS counter on the PS4 so you can tell exactly how many FPS it's running at? Nope. But one can generally tell when it's running OK and when it's running like shit, and fighting a pack of drowners on death march is a bad time for the frames drop. Unfortunately that's usually when they start dropping.

nowitzki20041201d ago


1080p on ps4 vs 900p on xbox one??? No surprise that x1 has higher framerate.. Ill take 1080p over a very few fps.

freshslicepizza1201d ago

get your facts people with the new updates,

"In terms of direct platform-to-platform comparisons on patch 1.03, PS4 and Xbox One are both capped to 30fps now, but Microsoft's console does hold a steadier line on balance. In almost every segment of gameplay tested, the performance overhead on Xbox One prior to the patch now translates to a confident 30fps cap - and with far fewer stutters below. It's possible further optimisation on the Sony release could bring it up to speed, but for now Xbox One enjoys a noticeable advantage in terms of overall consistency.

It's an advantage also seen in The Witcher 3's in-engine cut-scenes. As before, PS4 automatically locks to the 20fps line at any sign of dropping below 30fps. By comparison Xbox One lurks at the 25fps mid-point, freely updating with frames as and when they become available. The net result is that PS4 typically runs at a slower, more sluggish rate in every scene tested. Where performance goes below 30fps on Xbox One, the read-out is also identical to its results before patch 1.03 - meaning no performance boost is apparently made to these stress-points. The only difference here is that it now hits a 30fps ceiling.

On balance, it's an improvement on both sides but Xbox One owners have a bigger reason to celebrate this update. Though it struggles to match the clarity of PS4's native 1920x1080 output, the 30fps cap is better adjusted for Microsoft's platform in practice, with fewer stutters during play giving it a tangible performance advantage."

"Compared side-by-side, the gap has narrowed between PS4 and Xbox One, but only due to the latter's apparent degradation in performance, forcing the two to run at a matching 20fps in challenging areas. Otherwise, PS4's performance profile on patch 1.07 doesn't give us much to celebrate - it still stutters in places where Xbox One runs at a perfectly smooth 30fps, and in cut-scenes, Sony's console produces the lower readings overall."

what would be very interesting is if sony is the one preventing the game going to a lower resolution and wants the resolution advantage after all the talk about the xbox one having lots of games running on lower resolutions.

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Dee_911201d ago

I think it would be good to have that option to lower the resolution. I don't have an issue with the fps though so i'm fine at 1080p

showtimefolks1201d ago

i am not gonna call out someone but some of you posting hate comments about ps4's version never even played the game on ps4, so how do you know? digital foundary found the ps4's version to be the better of the 2

so should i take your word or actual tech stat date

if you don't like the ps4 than that's fine but atleast keep the hate to yourself. why we still argue over this stuff is beyond me. enjoy your console of choice and let others enjoy their's. i am a ps4 owner who has nothing against the xbox one, its an amazing console which i would have bought if i actually had some more time for games

please spread any hate, end of the day we are all gamers and love games

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GMR_PR1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

They should the swamp sections are almost unplayable.

TedCruzsTaint1201d ago


So . . . you are gloating that a game runs poorly, but just slightly less poorly than another console?

You guys are the worst lol.

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Erik73571201d ago

That sucks.....anything below 60 is hard for me...

GMR_PR1201d ago

Says the guy who want 343 to drop the H5 to 30fps for split screen. So which one is gonna be? Moving goalpost much...

kevnb1201d ago

before digital foundry started releasing these videos nobody even noticed frame rate on consoles.

Muzikguy1201d ago

I thought these guys were like wizards. Not sure if I want to grab this game

AndrewLB1201d ago

The problem isn't game optimization, it's system performance. The Witcher 3 is the most graphically demanding game released to date and even before the downgrade I maintained that there was no way these consoles would be able to do 1080p at PC quality, and it seems I was right since 1080p/20 at quality settings quite a bit lower than the PC version is capable of just doesn't cut the mustard.

IMO, the PS4 would need a GPU that's about 30% faster in order to properly play this game at 1080p/30 on PC medium settings. Here is a comparison between a PC running a GTX 760 (which is 2.4 tflops) and the PS4 (1.84 tflops).

That said, I hope CDPR reconsiders updating the PS4 version with a 900p option. It's not smart to alienate people who paid good money for a game. At the very least, they should give a detailed explanation why it would be too difficult or expensive to add this adjustment.

I also think this performance issue can be improved greatly simply by updating the graphics driver used in the PS4. AMD is notoriously bad with driver updates on PC, and I wouldn't doubt this also applies to console systems.

"Says the guy who want 343 to drop the H5 to 30fps for split screen. So which one is gonna be? Moving goalpost much..."

Haha! I heard that b*tch slap all the way from my house. Excellent work.

Many of you console peasants might now like what I say around here, but you wont find me changing my views just to troll.

"hows arkham knight working for you"

Don't know, don't care. You're comparing apples to durians since everyone understands that the PC version of Arkham Knight was broken due to poor coding and has nothing to do with PC's not being able to handle it.

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leemo191202d ago

I hope they fix collect them all quest, because 1.07 broke it.

AstroCyborg1202d ago

i wished they'd fix the fps first

nowitzki20041201d ago

Its good on my 970.. Dont go below 55fps.

Erik73571201d ago

To fix that you get a pc

NeckBeardBSMTDweller1201d ago

Works great in 1440P on my SLI 970's. #ConsoleProblems

AstroCyborg1201d ago

hows arkham knight working for you

NeckBeardBSMTDweller1200d ago

Perfectly since launch actually. Seems only AMD peasants had issues. Too bad game is terrible anyways. Glad I only paid $30 for it on steam. ;) BTW I own XB1 and PS4, if thats the direction you are going in

OB1Biker1202d ago

Is that a joke?
I just realised it's gaminbot, never mind

SatanicEyeJesus1201d ago

hahahahaha. Nailed it! Bubs for ya!

Captain_Wormy1202d ago

Why is Gamingbolt still allowed here?

Xavior_Reigns1201d ago

Because popcorn needs better sales and what better place. Movie theaters are nothing to console wars.

Ezz20131202d ago

What the ?!
Oh it's gamingbolt again.
Someone ban this site already.