Long Live the King – King’s Quest – Episode 1 – A Knight to Remember Review | GIZORAMA

Tyler Nope, GIZORAMA - "King’s Quest is admittedly a series I’m completely unfamiliar with, so you’ll excuse me for never feeling nostalgic about Sierra’s reboot. What intrigued me more, though, was to see how the final product would exist alongside Telltale Games’ recent offerings. King’s Quest offers another re-examination of what is otherwise a dead genre – the point-and-click adventure game – and comes away with a somewhat different take than Telltale or even Double Fine."

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Christopher1202d ago

I disagree with a good number of design decisions in the game (most importantly, never criticize the player for the decisions they make just because it isn't the optimal decision that leads to a "trophy"), but this game is a pretty good way to introduce kids to games like this.