Sony Announces Large Line-up For China at ChinaJoy Press Conference: Over 70 Games, 101 Developers

This Morning Sony had its press conference at ChinaJoy in Shanghai, and introduced a large line-up of games to make it up for the rather thin initial offering.

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Rimeskeem1179d ago

I guess Sony gamescom will be TGS, China Joy, and PSX

sashimi1179d ago

umm they'll be at the Paris Game Show too...

Rimeskeem1179d ago

crap, knew i forgot one

1179d ago
Fullmetalevolust1179d ago

Sony's going in full force because they know they can win the Chinese gaming market, they've made great strides to introduce their line up of consoles/hand held and games.
It's one of the biggest asian markets for gaming, so that seems like a natural move.

alex1015941179d ago

I'm waiting most for PlayStation experience. C'mon Quantic Dream show of your ps4 game. Naughty Dog needs to show their new IP and *cough* Crash :)

uth111179d ago

Have they confirmed a Playstation Experience this year?

alex1015941175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

I believe Sony/PlayStation said it'll be an annual thing.

Ausbo1179d ago

I'd be surprised if naughty dog showed another game before uncharted released

DragoonsScaleLegends1179d ago

I'm waiting for some PS1/PS2 support and actual new IPs that are more original.

MegaRay1179d ago

If PS3/Vita can play PS one classics. I dont see why PS4 cant play them. Tho I dont see myself playing classic games on my PS4 lol

DragoonsScaleLegends1179d ago

I would play my PS2 games since I haven't played them in forever due to PS3 not supporting them.

Retroman1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

@ Megaray

why mention PS1 classics if you're not willing to play them if ps4 had that ability .
Snes,ps1 are the corner stone of gaming . most of us die hard gamers over age of 40 still Rank Snes,ps1 King an Queen of gaming.

DragoonsScaleLegends1178d ago

@GT67 I would play PS1 if my classics I bought on PS3 carried over but I'm more interested in PS2 Backwards compatibility on PS4.

morganfell1178d ago

Yeah because Sony is the one company not coming up with new IPs...

tulholdren1179d ago

Keep on bringing the Sony Goodness all over the world. Loving the JRPG love.

PhoenixUp1179d ago

This lineup should boost PS4's performance in China

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