CGM Preview: Black Ops 3 Innovates on the Call of Duty Formula

Treyarch is mixing things up for this year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer, and it’s making things interesting.

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Summons751201d ago

Mhm, Pretty sure they said that with Advance Warfare, and ghost, and Blops 2, and MW3, and Blops, see the pattern here. I'll believe it when I see it

warczar1201d ago

It really just sounds like advanced warfare with wall running.

KiwiViper851201d ago

Or Titanfall without Mechs.

Unreal011201d ago

There's enough gameplay out there which clearly shows this is nothing like Advanced Warfare, or Titanfall.

Xavior_Reigns1201d ago

It looks nice, but it definitely needs an engine overhaul. Also as everyone before me has said, they've claimed the same for each entry in the series, they claimed it before revealing the multiplayer. When they finally did, people bashed it for looking even more like Titanfall. These changes wouldn't be so bad if the games didn't release annually or futuristic after futuristic setting.

AstroCyborg1201d ago

so stealing ideas from titanfall & destiny is innovative gotta love the biased media

Peace_Love_and_FPS1197d ago

Titanfall, yes, but destiny is Activisions game too. They could take Thorn and put it in BO III and it would be entirely okay :P

Muzikguy1201d ago

Well I took a few things away from that video.
1. The graphics and the engine aren't impressive at all
2. The sounds are terrible, just like they were (IMO) on Blops1
3. Wall running and jet packs aren't something that I look for in a FPS. (I do like PS2 though)
4. It looks like hit detection is a problem and this was played as a "demo"

Well I suppose that after watching this video and walking away unimpressed that tells me to pass on another CoD. I'm fine with that

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