Xbox One boss on the urge to leak 360 backwards compatibility for fan's benefit

Microsoft made a major splash at E3 2015 with a variety of significant announcements, and they arguably ended up "winning" E3 with it. Among the news they had to share, Xbox 360 game backwards compatibility for the Xbox One was among the most difficult things for Xbox One boss Phil Spencer to not leak prior to the announcement actually being made.

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Sureshot1271d ago

Well worth it Phil. That BC reveal was one of, if not, the best e3 moments this year!

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kopko1271d ago

Who expected BC announcment at E3, hands up. I guess nobody could say its coming. Cant believe they even managed to keep it secret till reveal hah.

Inzo1271d ago

Backwards compatibility marks the death of the xbox360 and the end of MS support for it. Why do you think Sony pulled BC from the PS3? Because why would anyone buy a PS2 if you can play its games on a PS3. Sony went on to support the PS2 for a total of 13 years instead of their predicted 10 years, they could not have done this if they continued with BC for the PS3.

All Xbox1:BC tells me is that MS is looking to dump the 360. In a way I feel sorry for those still gaming it.

Xbox fanboys will disagree but the logic is there and time will prove me right.

vanity291271d ago

Holy shit. Never thought of this. Mostly cuz i thought 360 already stoppex getting support since i never hear anything about it anymore.

Fro_xoxo1271d ago

360 recently got Forza horizon 2, titanfall and soon Rise of the tomb raider..

but i think over 8 year is enough.

it's time for ppl to migrate and in the States its only $350

Team_Litt1271d ago

So I imagined Tomb Raider coming to Xbox 360 and not PS3? I must have imagined Xbox 360 now being able to play against Xbox One on Live via backwards compatibility. How about the increasingly awesome games Xbox 360 is getting on GwG?

Since the PS4 launched, what high profile game has Sony released or helped release on the PS3? LBP 3? Godzilla? Because the 360 has had Titanfall, Forza Horizon 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Screamride, Fable Anniversary.
Sony hasn't even published a single PS3 PSN game in 2015.

Inzo1271d ago

What are you talking about, there are still at least 7 games to come out that are exclusive to the PS3 only in 2015, not to mention those that will be on the PS4 too like MLB The Show. There are also games that were released and are going to be released on PS4, PS3, xbox1 and PC but not on xbox360.(No support)

Since when is LBP not a high profile game? I'll tell you this, its far bigger than Titanfall and lets not forget a little game called GT6, exclusive to PS3.

And Tomb Raider will come to the PS3, of that I have no doubt.

DaGodKing1271d ago

well i for one am glad that the xbox one is getting bc beacuse i didnt own a 360 so i might get the chance to play the games i missed out on playing hopefully the tales of game that was exclusive to the 360 makes the list..

but on a side note its kinda good that ms is putting the 360 to rest it did its job of competing with the ps3 specifically with how the OG Xbox did against the ps2... congratz micro

tigertron1271d ago

The 360 will be 10 years old at the end of the year. It's time for people to move on.

spicelicka1271d ago

Support would end regardless.

TriangleOffense1271d ago

Sell the 360 and reap the benefits of upgrading and over time all thise 360 games you have will beable to be played like you never got rid of your console. Win win

Team_Litt1270d ago

Pray tell, what are these 7 2015 exclusive coming from Sony on the PS3?

And what are these multiplat games that skipped the x360? Certainly not The Crew. Could you mention them by name? Not some obscure one region games like MLB right?

gangsta_red1270d ago

Could he possibly mean the JRPG's coming that are also coming to the PS4 also, not really the support I would from Sony themselves I thought Inzo was referring too.

Maybe he knows 7 games from Sony that are specifically for the PS3.

I am definitely curious as to what they are.

Inzo1270d ago

Come on! you know how the internet works right? Look it up what games are exclusive to the PS3, as for the games that were not released on the xbox360 you can go to gamespot.

Team_Litt1269d ago

My Google search came up empty on both counts. No ps3 exclusives from Sony in 2015 and no multiplat games that have skipped 360 but not PS3. I at least mentioned the games in x360's favor. You gave me 1.

Inzo1269d ago

Then you are poor at using google or just didnt make an effort, I will even bet that you did not go to Gamespot where they give you all the multiplat games coming to PS3 and xbox in 2015.

maniacmayhem1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Maybe you should provide this list since it's so easy? All I see you doing is accusing others but providing no facts.

You were asked what 7 exclusive games from Sony are coming to the PS3, saying "look it up" is not an answer and more than likely means you are just making this all up.

Team_Litt1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

In other words, you pulled all this out of your rear. Gotcha. Thanx. Bye.

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jg4xchamp1271d ago

I'm really happy about BC, hopefully Ninja Gaiden 2, Vanquish, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown and games like that make the initial cut.