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nX1272d ago

Yep, July was great but August is really disappointing. At this point, Sony could start giving away at least one low-scoring or bad-selling AAA game per month, or maybe one of the many remasters instead of mediocre indie games.

Kingthrash3601272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Lol what?.... i think many are forgetting these games are free. Lol. Stop complaining over free stuff. Man. Just don't download them if you don't like them and be happy they aren't giving out shovel ware. GOW:A is the only gow game I haven't beat and it's a AAA game.. i never played tomb raider alot of these indies are playable on all 3 consoles so if you own only one you still be able to play them. seems every month somebody is complaining about free stuff. Yeah I understand you pay a subscription but they used to just give minis and discounts. they are giving AAA and some decent indies games and people complain., appreciate that sony changed the game and didn't get greedy like xbl and simply charge for online play . Instead they gave free games forcing xbl to offer the same.. They have been giving games on ps+ day one for ps4 and for years on vita and ps3...If you want a AAA game go download drive club and enjoy a AAA game. Smdh ...Some people are never satisfied. So cheap they complain over free stuff. Sony and Ms don't have to give us anything. Grow up.

Genuine-User1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I will never understand the hate against indie-games.

Since November 2013, Playtation Plus (PS4) members have received many good games:

Don't Starve
Sound Shapes
Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition
Trine 2: Complete Story
TowerFall: Ascension
Velocity 2X
SteamWorld Dig
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ultimate Edition
InFamous: First Light
The Swapper
Rogue Legacy
Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty!
OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood
Valiant Hearts: The Great War
Ether One
The Unfinished Swan
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
Rocket League

nX1272d ago

^I never said that I hate indie games, didn't you read the part where I said that July (which was filled with indie games) was great? The thing is, these indie games are either old (Limbo, Sound Shapes) or mediocre (Stealth Inc) and therefore I'm not going to play them. God Of War Ascension is pretty cool but that's about it. I rarely complain about the PS+ games but this month is simply disappointing imo.

admiralvic1272d ago

"Sony could start giving away at least one low-scoring or bad-selling AAA game per month"

I'll never understand when retail became AAA or why people insist on making a big deal about how we're not getting XYZ amount of them. A bad AAA game is still a bad game and a good digital title is still a good game. Not like getting a bad game that use to cost more (such as Mindjack, Neverdead, etc) is somehow better than Bastion, Journey or Guacamelee.

darren_poolies1272d ago

Limbo, Stealth Inc and Sound Shapes are far from mediocre.

I don't understand this obsession with getting AAA games PS+. You would really rather have a low scoring supposed 'AAA' game than some very good indie games?? Smh.

bouzebbal1272d ago

sick month. Ascension is so good and Lara seems cool.

pivotplease1272d ago

I am definitely happy with Sound Shapes since I've almost bought it at full price a few times. Having a copy of Limbo on PS4 is also a bonus. Castlestorm and Lara Croft look somewhat fun. Some of my favourite plus games surprised me (like The Binding of Isaac and Rogue Legacy. Both were amazing).

uth111272d ago

"At this point, Sony could start giving away at least one low-scoring or bad-selling AAA game per month"

Why on earth do you want free low-scoring games?!? A bad game is a bad game no matter the budget

SMH - The AAA is all that matters to some people, not the quality of the game

spacedelete1272d ago

@Kingthras360 how about you stfu. they are not free games your paying a subscription for them. nothing makes your opinion any more important than anyone else. if he wants to complain then damn it he will complain and you will keep that yap shut.

solid_snake36561272d ago

@Kingthrash360 "free games" since when was psn+ free? We pay $50 a year for those free games.

Dynasty20211272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

@ Kingthrash360

Oh for god sake, the game's aren't free.

You're paying £40 a year for them, as the money sure as hell isn't going toward the PSN maintenance.

You stop paying, you lose the games. PS+ is a rental service masquerading as an online one.

Kingthrash3601272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I said yeah you pay a subscription. ..but the 50$ a year price tag has been paid back with these games alone....and like I said sony could easily had followed xbl and just charged for online play for ps4...but they didn't for what they give us they can actually charge more and it would be worth it....but I guess for the sake of argument we are gunna complain. 50$ a year for multiple free games a month for multiple consoles...Sony could easily stop giving out last generation games. ..but no, they still support the ps3. But I guess we are gunna ignore the single most best deal in gaming history..just to complain for more.

G20WLY1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

^Spacedelete, I'm not sure who you think are to tell him to STFU? And in the same comment you say the other guy can say what he likes...dem double standards lol

I never played God of War: Ascension and played all the others, so I'm pumped! Also never got around to buying Castle Crashers, Tomb Raider or Sound Shapes, but wanted all of them. Limbo is the only one I already had and it's great for those that haven't yet played it! Not too bothered by Stealth Inc, but I'll play it.

I pay for Plus to play online. These games are no extra cost to me - and what's more I get games every month for three different systems. It's a great deal, in my opinion (assuming I'm permitted to share mine, that is?)! Wow..

nix1272d ago

Stealth 2.. Hmmm.. I liked the first one.

Hoffmann1272d ago

For you its disapointing, for me its great because I never bought GOW Acsension, never played Limbo, and care about Castlestorm

freshslicepizza1272d ago

what reason could sony be holding on to give away knack for free? are they still requiring big titles to have a certain metacritic score? makes no sense at all why they won't offer it.

Blasphemy1271d ago

how can you guys complain about free games? lol first world problems.

freshslicepizza1271d ago

you are paying a membership to access those games, therefore it is not free



I'm sure plenty of people will read your whole list and not find a single game they like. I myself don't think would be needing both hands to count the games I even played from that list, despite having PS+ all along and having downloaded/booked all of IGC since release, most I just pop in to check out and realize it's not even worth my time... Now, I'm not saying Sony need to stop giving us indies (as some of the games from my norrow list are indies) but to demand some retail games by now is completelly reasonable and it's time people stop to pretend it isn't!

Doesn't matter if the ones complaining are simply too dull to realize indie games can be good too or whatever, they pay for the service like everyone else, they have the right to an opinion like everyone else. But different than us, they've been through almost 2 years with not a single game that interests 'em... You'd be complaining too! And I'm sure that just like you and other must be tired of hearing people complaining that indies suck (as if there wasn't a lot of 60 bucks out there that shouldn't even be released of being so broken), others (me included) are tired of hearing people protecting indies like if there isn't a bunch of pretentious but generic crap there too (I'm looking at you, next "innovative 2D sidescroller" or "obnoxious advenure to push an agenda" labeled as "art game" bullcrap).

But more importantly than the whole Indie vs Non-indie, we all want good games... And as much as the definition of "good" may vary from some of us, I don't think anyone would disqualify retail/major/full/big budget/"AAA"/whateve r-you-wanna-call-it games from possibly being good. Well, in almost 2 years we have had a lot of indies (in the 30s?), 2 minor spin-offs (First Light and Ground Zeroes), a trial (Drive Club) and a single (arguable) full game (Injustice). I'm ok with Indies, but it's about time to show the other side some love regularly too, if for nothing else, for the sake of variety.

Pogmathoin1271d ago

People aren't spoiled here.... Free games.... Cry..... More free games.... Cry some more.....

HammadTheBeast1271d ago

They aren't free games. If it wasn't for the games with PS+ I would've switched to a Wii U or PC gaming after they announced you needed PS+ for online play. Literally the only reason myself and tons of people pay for PS+ is because the "free" games make it worthwhile.

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joab7771272d ago

I never complain but wtf! Xbone is beating PS4 at its own game. Ground Zeroes and Ticket League are great, but we should have got KILLER July and August games b/c everyone knows we will be spending all our money come September.

How great would it have been to get a good AAA game each month. Actually, I'd love for them to try this just once. Give a huge discount on something good for a month. They make money and ppl spend money they weren't gonna spend. A win for all. Example. Mordor for $15 or something.

TFJWM1272d ago

Not sure how "Xbone is beating PS4 at its own game" when 1/2 of the games on Gold this month were already free on Plus...

darren_poolies1272d ago

"Xbone is beating PS4 at its own game."

Um we got Ground Zeros on PS Plus in June...

pivotplease1272d ago

I agree about getting more retail games. Something like Knack seems pretty due, but they are in no way getting beat at their own game. My Xbox friends have maybe played maybe 2 or 3 of their free games meanwhile they're buying the games I already got for free.

Ground Zeroes was already free on plus and was discounted more deeply during sales (same with every sale ever that the two services share in common... MS consistently pockets more). Games like Transistor and Rocket League have raked in critical acclaim and deserve a larger audience if anything. At least it's not a pool game two months in a row that would be free on a phone and at least the PS4 has been getting more free games up until now and didn't just switch to two games a month.

wenaldy1272d ago

Check your facts first, smartass.

S2Killinit1272d ago

Games with gold is not beating PS Plus. Not even close. When listwar was still active, it was so obvious that PS Plus is offering more and betterquality games. Unfortunately people can now make all sorts of claims since listwar is no longer active.

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fermcr1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

OK month for PS+.

Everybody has realized by now that the good old days of the PS+ are gone... the days Sony "offered" AA/AAA games 12-16 months old.

showtimefolks1272d ago

to you all of you who aompalin about free games on psn plus or Xbox live, I hope you all realize that there was a time many of us just paid to play online

now we are getting bonus free games per month and in sony's case on 3 different consoles.

not every month is gonna have your favorite games, and a lot of times we will get smaller indie titles that otherwise we wouldnt play. so enjoy the smaller titles with fresher experiences

I am sure as we go along we will get AAA next generation titles but Than you all will still not be happy because you will get AAA launch titles or year 2 titles by year 4 or 5. you seriously can not expect them to give you 6 months old AAA title for 49.99 that we pay for Xbox live or psn plus.

I am I am in the minority but could we please just enjoy the content without complaining? it's hard to please 24 plus million fanbase with 2 free titles

JWiLL5521271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

You're not in the minority, the minority are the entitled asshats who think Sony owes them Killzone Shadowfall or something for free. Even though they'd probably complain about that too because as PS4 owners they likely have it already. That minority is just a vocal one on the internet.

The majority don't frequent a site like this complaining, they just see the free game and probably give it a try because why not?

Travis37081272d ago

Are you kidding me? this is a really great month! What do you want? Bloodborne for free???

opoikl1272d ago

...and you'll still see the same fanboyish fools state that Bloodborne is either too niche, or that Sony's made a dumb business decision by releasing it as a Plus offering. You'll never be able to meet the expectations of blind haters. I mean, releasing the same game as the competition but a month earlier doesn't even cut it for these people.

uth111272d ago

next month they should offer Godzilla on PS+ to troll all those demanding full-retail releases :P

22CobraKing1272d ago

Theirs about 550+ ps4 out, 50 out of those have been given out for ps plus.We will get some AAA titles later on. That leaves 500+ games. At the rate with having 3+ plus games on ps4 some months because of cross buy its making the list shorter and that's when some AAA titles come out.

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medman1272d ago

I'm looking forward to Limbo and Temple of Osirus on ps4...I only dabbled with Limbo on my 360, never really got into it so I'm looking forward to spending some time with it. Also looking forward to God of War Ascension for my ps3, as I never picked up that installment. August is a good month for me personally.

MajorLazer1271d ago

Great month. I was very dissapointed with the weak offerings the previous few months but this is a spectacular month.

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SpaceRanger1272d ago

4 games for PS4 this month! Sweet! Setting the bar high again for PS+.

I'm still enjoying the hell out of Rocket League from July. No game comes even close the amount of fun that game is, in my opinion!

BlackTar1871272d ago

Rocket league destroys every free game given in the last 2 years.

Sevir1272d ago

Or Resogun or Transistor. But I agree, Rocket League is freakin awesome

Sir_Simba1272d ago

or infamous first light.

BlackTar1871272d ago


Could have sworn my preferences were shared by everyone.

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_-EDMIX-_1272d ago

Agreed. I'm just happy I'm getting God Of War Ascension on PS3!!!

Very happy, was just looking to get that game too!

Ozmoses1272d ago

This is Europe... Not American PS+

The author's always fail to make that clear in the title.

Christopher1272d ago

1. The URL of the source says EU in it...

2. U.S. is getting the same games.

Ozmoses1272d ago

I see that. But still that's usually not the case.

EU and USA PS+ typically are different from each other... or at least they used to be.

xHeavYx1272d ago Show
TFJWM1272d ago

EU and US is the same this month.

admiralvic1272d ago

"The author's always fail to make that clear in the title."

Don't you think it would be redundant if PlayStation Europe said "These are the European PlayStation Plus games for July" instead of just "These are the PlayStation Plus games for July?" Same goes for a lot of sites and N4G generally likes to keep the titles are they're, so thats why it happens. Especially since we're suppose to link to the source and the source will almost always be the PlayStation blog.

"EU and USA PS+ typically are different from each other... or at least they used to be."

I wouldn't say that. Europe and NA were originally the same (with EU getting some additional themes and minor things, but the games were generally 1:1), then during the IGC days we started to see NA and EU start to differ, but once the PlayStation 4 they started to be the same and once we got to the two a month system they've been more or less 1:1 again.

So if by typically you mean roughly half the time, then yes, thats true.

deadpoolio3161272d ago

Why is it that people like you have such a hard time looking at things like the EU in the link meaning EUROPE...Not that it matters anyway since EU and US are getting the same games this month....

Its not rocket science it literally takes 2 seconds to see the EU in the link

Aenea1272d ago

As far as I know the EU and US PS+ games have always been the same, well ok, at least since I have my PS4 and have PS+ (since July last year) they have been the same...

Ozmoses1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

nope... the free games are usually different...

this is the first time I've seen the same games offered for both..

I'm not saying that it hasn't happened before but most of the time they offer different stuff.

considering the fact that between 2013-2014 it was pretty common to see people arguing about which PS+ got the better deal EU or USA.

I know I'm not the only one out there that has seen these articles and comments.. they're all over N4G

I am American after all.. I don't really have the need to look at the EU PS+... so they could have started offering the same games across the board in USA, EU and JPN for all I know..

I think it would make sense to offer the same games to all the territories... I mean it is all the same PSN...

Aenea1271d ago

You can say nope all you want, but they have been exactly the same for at least 13 months now, at least for the PS4, that I'm sure of (I did have a PS3 but never had PS+, so only started paying attention in July last year when I got my PS4).

July 2014: PS4 and PS3 games the same, 1 PS Vita title is different.
August 2014: PS4 and PS3 games the same, 1 PS Vita title is different.
September 2014: All games the same.
October 2014: All games the same.
November 2014: All games the same.
December 2014: All games the same.
January 2015: All games the same, except one different Vita game in Germany and not rest of Europe
February 2015: All games the same.
March 2015: All games the same.
April 2015: All games the same.
May 2015: All games the same.
June 2015: All games the same.
July 2015: All games the same.
August 2015: All games the same.

So it seems to me that they've started to make them the same whenever possible...

Ozmoses1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

they've only become the same in the last year or so...

once again I've made self pretty clear..

I told you I was American and therefore don't really need to look at the EU games...

so that most likely explains why I haven't
so there you have it...

and like I said earlier.. I think it is smart to give all territories the same exact PS+ games..

I'll just stick with the PS Blog when it comes to PS+ stuff. N4G is getting ridiculous

Aenea1271d ago

Well, turns out we both were sorta right then, they used to be different often back in the day but since I got my PS4 they have been mostly the same (except for some Vita games).

The reason that I know this so well, even tho I'm European, is that I have an US friend who also owns a PS4 and with whom I have contact outside of PSN and we discuss the PS+ lineup each month and not once have they been different.

And yes, it indeed makes sense to at least make the Western PS+ titles the same. I can understand that in Asia they might have a slightly different taste in games so they might prefer different games hence why those are different as far as I know...

And even tho there are a lot of silly people here on n4g lately don't leave, we need more 'normies' around here :)

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Farsendor11272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I'll just play the games I already bought. I don't usually care too much for the PS Plus games.

Euro PS Plus games. When will the NA games be announced?

Farsendor11272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

They didn't used to be. Still gets me confused sometimes.

I remember when both regions got almost completely different games for the month.

That was the way it was with PS3 anyways.

Der_Kommandant1272d ago

Damn, I own all of those games already… :(