San Jose man victim of PlayStation scam

He wanted a PlayStation 3, but he wound up with a $700 box of junk.

The 27-year-old San Jose man was the victim of a popular scam Saturday when he opened his PlayStation 3 box and found floor tiles, a PlayStation 2 controller and apartment rental magazines instead of the highly sought-after $600 video game console, Fremont police Sgt. Chris Mazzone said.

The victim told police that he had been searching for one of the gaming units, which sell out at retail stores in less than a day and are being resold on eBay for $800 to $1,000. He found a seller on craigslist who said he would part with one for $700 in cash, Mazzone said.

''He said he worked at Best Buy in Hayward and had one,'' Mazzone said the victim told police.

After a day or two of e-mail correspondence, the two agreed to meet Saturday afternoon in a McDonald's parking lot in Fremont's Warm Springs neighborhood.

When the victim arrived, the seller and an accomplice got out of a white 2003 Ford Explorer, approached the victim with a black bag and told him the PlayStation 3 was inside, the sergeant said.

The buyer peered into the bag, saw a box and asked that it be opened before he handed over the cash, police said. The seller balked and said, ''What, don't you trust me?'' The two then agreed to exchange the money and bag at the same time, Mazzone said.

Once the seller had the cash, he and his accomplice scurried to the Explorer, sped out of the parking lot and drove through a red light, the sergeant said.

Authorities Monday said they had not made any arrests.

''If it looks too good to be true, it probably is,'' Mazzone said. ''If the seller is reluctant to show you the product before taking the money, trust your instincts.''

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Krimson4326d ago

You can't help but feel a bit bad for people who get scammed on ebay, but this deserves a darwin award. He asked to look inside the box and the seller refused? That would be kind of a big red alarm for me.

Alymon4326d ago

Seriously.... if you are dumb enough to think you can get a PS3 for $700 right now, and the seller won't let you look at it.... you deserve to have your money taken.

Fanboys are gay4326d ago

yea you'd want to be retarded not to check in the box, and immideatly if you hear "you dont trust me" hell no i dont trust you, the stupidity of americans is never to be underestimated

calderra4326d ago

Good Lord.

This is like hearing when children get abducted because someone in a car offered candy. The police's first question: "Didn't you ever tell your kids..." Parents: "zOMG! We is nev0r thoted wuld happen 2 ar kid!"

If a stranger offers you a mysterious object in a black bag, and won't let you actually examine the contents, what do you do children?

That's right- you run to a crowded public location and contact an adult- preferrable a member of the police.

slugg4325d ago

of how stupid Sony fanboys are.


He should have seen this coming a mile away.