The Sims 4 Patch Fixes Two Major Game-Breaking Bugs

J Station X: In a brand new Sims 4 patch, EA has fixed two major game-breaking bugs. One bug prevented Sims from making friends, the other denied access to certain lots.

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Dee_911204d ago

I tried to get into ts4, it has great new features and I eventually got used to the art direction. I just can't get over the removal of CASt.Patterns and recolorable patterns and materials were a big part in making unique styles and concepts in TS3 for me. In ts4 it feels so restrictive.

Chaosdreams1204d ago

I love the Sims (though I'll contemplate what I'm doing when I am watching my Sim do things I should be doing.)

I was excited for the 4th one, but when I found out about the removal of basic features that have always been there, I just said "no thanks."

Sims3 does the trick for me.