Broken Sword 5 dated, priced and trailered for PS4 and XO

Dealspwn: We've been wondering when Broken Sword 5 would be making it's way to PS4 and Xbox One and now we know. We've even discovered a brand new trailer and handily, the new price.

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bggriffiths1180d ago

Nice, I missed this first time around. Really behind on the series, but I think they work as standalone titles. Or not, anyone clued up?

Neonridr1180d ago

the stories are separate enough that you can enjoy any one in the series without having played the previous ones. But the characters transcend the entire series and occasionally there may be references to previous situations from prior games, but it's all pretty minor.

I never played the first one and only jumped in at part 2. Never got around to playing part 1 yet and I was able to enjoy part 2 with no problems.

OhMyGandhi1180d ago

This series always intrigued me, is it worth playing?

Steptoe1180d ago

Broken Sword. Many a frustrating hour spent just looking at the screen wondering what the hell to do next. A must buy for me.

psplova1179d ago

Lol.. I'm at that point right now in the original BS actually. Loving every minute if it!