Is Sprked the Solution to Valve's Paid Mods Scandal?

Grab It examines why the new Sprked crowdfunding platform could be the solution for the issue of paid mods.

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SlappingOysters1176d ago

It's a tricky situation - royalties are given to other entertainment providers when their IP is used for commercial gain. That should probably be the way of it with mods, too.

Macka10801175d ago

The only issues there is the fact that mods are so much of a collaborative effort than other media, even regular games. The biggest and most popular mods, like the total conversions for Skyrim and Fallout that turn them into entirely new games, rely on dozens of other mods to streamline the development process. It's the only way that small teams working in their spare time can produce content anywhere near the quality of what full-time designers and developers can. Without collaboration, those larger mods would be a lot rarer and less polished, I think.

shipnabottle1175d ago

Sounds like a reasonable plan.
Would be nice to see everybody win, both the developer of the original IP and those that create the mods.

I guess the original IP is acting like a game engine to the mod, so a royalty system to the original IP developer for use of its "engine" which would be a percentage of whatever the mod makers get from the tip jar system might be fair to all.