VGU Talks – WWE 2K16 Terminator Trailer Analysis

With the Terminator revealed as a new character for WWE 2K16 and the first ever celebrity to be added into a WWE game, what else can be depicted from the trailer? Dom analyses it and sheds some light on how may be joining the T-800 as superstars in the new title.

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gangsta_red1265d ago

Anyone remember when Robocop helped Sting against the Four Horseman?

C'mon WWE 2K16, let's get that epic-ness going! That may be to fantastic for any TV screen to handle.

2pacalypsenow1265d ago

Funny how he cheated on his wife , had a child with his maid and is put on the game ,hogan says a few racist things and they pretend he never wrestled for wwf