Naughty Dog Talks Uncharted 4: A Thief's End And Why Gaming Will Be Changed For The Better

As part of the pending release of their latest magazine issue, Skewed and Reviewed have posted the full interview that they did with Naughty Dog about the pending Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. The game is looking to be a huge hit, and they cover topics ranging from chest hair graphics, the action, and the long rumored movie.

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chrisx1203d ago

Can't wait for when uncharted 4 comes out and new standards shall be set

Garethvk1203d ago

Rumor is we may get to see and play it at PAX Prime. If that happens, we will have coverage.

jb2271203d ago

Really? Now that is surely you feel comfortable predicting whether or not it'll be new sections or just playable versions of the E3 & PSX stuff? I wonder if it'll have anything to do w/ the "super tease" Rodhe mentioned regarding the UC collection. I'm holding out hope that there will be some form of playable single player demo for UC4, and the end of August may be a good time to confirm that and have the same demo playable at PAX...that's a big get for that show though, is this a move towards growing the PAX convention to contain more huge AAA reveals & content?

Garethvk1203d ago

Really hard to say. Games at PAX are hands on due to it being a show for the public Sony had The Order 1886, Bloodborne,and Until Dawn all playable last year plus some other stuff. E3 has more casual stuff and the bigger titles are often in private areas or areas not as easy to see due to the huge lines. So i think at the least they will have the collection and hopefully a Multiplay demo like they did with Killzone: Shadow Fall.

TeamLeaptrade1203d ago

This game is going to be crazy big. Cannot wait to get my hands on it. I expect it to be game of the year material.

Garethvk1203d ago

Solo and multiplay goodness.

Garethvk1203d ago

How many of you are jumping the Uncharted Collection?