2K to bring a host of blockbusters to Gamescom 2015

Neil writes "2K have now detailed the games which they will be bringing to Gamescom 2015 and the line-up is of the highest quality…well, at least we hope it is!"

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oKidUKo1178d ago

Interesting to see how many of the WWE 2K16 roster are shown there.

Sayburr1178d ago

I am sure Hogan will be missing :(

showtimefolks1178d ago

Mafia 3

wwe I am not sure if this qualify as a blockbuster

what else could they bring

I hope everything they show is mutiple form and none of the timed exclusives crap. I am kind of worried that ms may try to make mafia 3 a timed exclusive but I really really hope it isn't a exclusive for any console

1178d ago
SolidGear31178d ago

BioShock Trilogy Remastered! :3