Review: 'Magic Duels: Origins' will ignite your spark | Examiner

Examiner's David Leavitt writes:

"Since 2009 whenever anyone asked us what the best way to learn Magic: The Gathering is, our answer has always been referring them to the newest Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers. Last year's installment Magic 2015 introduced the highly anticipated custom deck building client, however it caused a bit of an outcry after dumping one of the game's beloved casual formats, Two Headed Giant. It also introduced micro transactions for "premium booster packs" which left a sizable portion of content under a pay wall. Wizards of the Coast amended this with the Garruk's Revenge expansion that made the previous paid content unlockable through multiplayer game play. This year's iteration fully embraces it, going completely free to play with a new persistent client that'll be around for years to come."

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